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  1. Also, just found out if you click on friends in the game you can gift each other diamonds each day for free, and it doesn't take from your own inventory. Let's get those diamonds flowing!
  2. Anyone trying to go for the Reigning Cats and Dogs achievement or someone who wants friends for getting the bonus coins for dailies can add me. Just send a message along with the friend request so I know what you're adding me for, thanks. GT: IIIT3III
  3. Just invited Xtowers and Pudmoney
  4. I'm in group 3 awaiting instructions...thanks for setting this up, willing to give it a try.
  5. My 30 are all set, keep us informed of the progress, thanks.
  6. I will be participating, just wanted to let you all know, but if this doesn't work for mosher tomorrow, I think we're in for a rough ride on this one lol...
  7. Added myself to this list, will start working this list top down, until we start getting some crossed off. Good idea, should be much more organized and easier this way hopefully....Mine's for the Ford Fiesta ST 2014 all descriptions are x360a. Thanks! 1. Mosher666 2. SiegfriedX 3. IEvil IMonkey 4. Affi Silva 5. EDOARADO1 6. Dj Batfink 7. Cloud XTUK 8. Oliversudden01 9. Seamus LFC 1892 10. IX JDM ONE XI 11. Decap590 12. Merciless James 13. Darth VeX 14. CHAOS SpiN DasH 15. SR1 UK 16 silverblock 17.Snowtoe 18. IIIT3III
  8. Ok, my gamertag is IIIT3III I have a picture uploaded titled IIIT3III and with the manual keyword as x360a. If you get my picture, send me a quick message, and I'll return the favor, thanks! EDIT: All set, got mine, thanks everyone!
  9. Ok, I've uploaded a livery, tune setup, and vinyl group. Livery and tune are for the Ford Fiesta 2014, and the vinyl group is an android logo. For the description I put my gamertag IIIT3III so they should be easy to find. Send me a message if you use them, and then I will download and use yours in return. Thanks!
  10. Hey everyone I'm at around level 82 and I'd like to get a partner to push to level 100 with me, my gamertag is IIIT3III just send a message and we can set something up. Got this one, thanks for the help everyone!
  11. Just sent an invite to sentury111 if they join I have 8/8 on my team. I can do weeknights after 6:30PM eastern or weekends to meet up and get "A huge help from my friends" Also if 3 people have the Pro tables that would be helpful for "The Pro Party"
  12. I'm in for this, GT: IIIT3III Edit: OK, got a team started, looks like we have room for 5 more members, let me know if you want an invite.
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