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  1. i recommend starting a private biohazzard match with one other player, on the code blue map. just take turns in running to the others spawn, killing them and picking up the cannister. repeat until bored senseless, 3000+ xp per match easily.
  2. i found that i couldnt get it during the bank job prologue, but after the game started properly i got it. look for the pop ups on the top right for confirmation you did it properly if done properly it should say testicular manslaughter for the nut punch and i'm not sure about the nut shot.
  3. or if its not been patched you could just find an ambulance and drive it into the water and every collectible chieve pops at once.
  4. apart from the graphics, the only differences are the quicker load times and the gameplay is a bit smoother.
  5. i just updated and my game that worked fine yesterday crashes my xbox as soon as it loads everytime without fail. i installed it and its the same. can anyone tell me if they have the same problem as im pretty annoyed :uzi:just cause
  6. problem solved. i should have looked deeper as there is another thread. sorry about that.
  7. hmmmmm but ive been playing it for a couple of days now and it only popped just after i updated my xbox. s'pose i shouldnt complain about a free 20g achievement. thanks anyhoo
  8. im just osting to ask about the 20 car pileup achievement on the crash course dlc for left 4 dead. what i wanted to know is has anyone else dinged for it without actually having the dlc. I updated my xbox just now and booted the game and as it was loading up i dinged for it. has anyone else got the game without dlc that is willing to pop it in the drive and see if it dings for them. I'm confused.
  9. Has anyone still got a hardcore save. Its the last chieve I need. I have a end game save if anyone needs to quickly complete it I'm playing as katerina. Msg me on Xbox to discuss trading.
  10. yeah I say its well worth a jacks. I got it for nowt through gamestation elite. it came through the post this morning and its proper fun in co-op.
  11. already? it only came out yesterday. I would have said today but I just noticed the time.
  12. so far I've found 2, straight edge and space pirate. you can also get disco inferno while doing this. when you get to the nightclub with the dancefloor there are two bottles of nom juice. either shoot or drink em. then jump over the table and let the chaingunner kill you. you reapawn next to the table with the bottles. repeat the process for both chieves and then go for disco inferno. five minutes, three chieves. hope this was of some help.
  13. i really enjoy this game. it reminds me of how video games used to be, simple and fun. its kinda like zombie revenge on the dreamcast mixed with ninja gaiden (yes i said ninja gaiden) it starts off a simple button masher but if you mix up the sword styles you will find you can and need to pull off the flashier combo's. not a game to sel the xbox with but for those who like fun its great. and the acheivments are nice and simple in structure and actually feel like you have achieved something.
  14. ah well, my bad i didnt really interact with many of the npcs or do hardly and of the side quests like playing the tape on the tower or giving bullets to the needy until after i got enlightened so i thought i'd say so.
  15. oh ok. but i got the "bad guy" ending first and just reloaded the last stage then did everything the same, ran round the strange tunnely thing and shot the dark one in the face a few times then instead of just waiting 20 secs i pushed it off, i didnt really interact with many npc's on my playthrough either. all the miscelanious chieves i got after completion by just reloading levels. was an ok game but quite dissapointed overall.
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