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  1. I just need the rival achievement, will help with others. GT- xSavage Henry
  2. The load times are unbearable. Especially when trying to get a platinum award that requires you to do the same thing over and over and over. They could of done a way better job on reducing load times. I would of preferred to have the game stop and load and certain spots like the old GTA games did than this.
  3. I need backseat driver and the achievement for winning once at everything. I also need platinum medals. GT- xSavage Henry
  4. So the game has a constant time limit? That kinda sucks really. I enjoy taking my time and just doing whatever I want. I will probably just wait for a solid guide to be out before I buy it then.
  5. So do any of the methods posted here work anymore? Im only like 46 and bored to death of this game
  6. Host migration during multiplayer will cause all items that your follower has to disappear. It has happened to me twice now. I didn't lose anything that good. Just some mf stuff. But If I was you I wouldn't give anything good to a follower until this gets fixed.
  7. I need the hard to get coop achievements like ninjas and bullseye. Also I need a squad wipe ribbon. xSavage Henry
  8. I need most of the multiplayer and all coop achievements. I don't have any dlc yet. GT xSavage Henry
  9. I've only had this game for a few days and I find it very boring. Some of the maps are just to big. I find myself just standing there waiting for a vehicle to spawn or going on a cross country run for 10 minutes. There seems to be no balance what so ever with the rank in teams. One team will be all high ranks and the other will be all noobs. Hmmm I wonder who is going to win? After hearing about how this game is supposed to be so much better than COD I was expecting a lot more. I am disappointed.
  10. Can I do all side quests or any other random things solo then hop into a co-op game to complete the main quests only and get the achievement?
  11. Yeah Im having a lot of trouble with it too. We should try to boost it. I doubt we can get enough people together to have our own game but I came up with an idea. One person lets the other person snipe them on a combat mission game...supposedly you get a lot of points if it is from really far away. It might work. But the amount of tryhards in this game could pose a problem. Its all I can think of to do. Send me a friend request if you want. xSavage Henry
  12. I need fire controller and tier one. Want to get this game over with.
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