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  1. Been a year since anybody mentioned online achievements. I'd like to try to get them done, but no one seems to be online anymore. Feel free to add me so we can boost them. GT same as username.
  2. It took me a few tries....you have to follow the instructions EXACTLY (i.e. remove the usb at the CAPCOM screen...not any other screen), but FINALLY I was able to pop the achievement! Thanks MUCH for this. Wish I had read about the glitch prior to upgrading in the load screen! :/ Cheers!
  3. Well, I found the answer. The Medic can't revive, but when you play as another class, you can. Just hold X while near a teammate that just died, and you can revive them.
  4. Help! I've been playing as the medic, and I've tried to figure out how to revive teammates once they are down, but I can't find the instructions to do so ANYWHERE! Any ideas?
  5. Would like to boost this weekend and get as many online cheevos as possible. Even better if we can get a group together. Please message me if you are available. GT: The Taymanator
  6. Looking to boost for Riddick. Let me know if you are interested. GT: The Taymanator
  7. Looking to boost all online cheevos. Message me if you need the same....
  8. Looking to boost the online cheevos. Shouldn't take too long at all...
  9. ^ I've seen that post before, that you need to "turn off" DLC. But exactly how do you do that? I've looked in options for both the main menu and the multiplayer menu, and there isn't a DLC disable option. do you actually have to go delete it?
  10. SnakeEyes, Please count me in. Need to get to 50, plus a couple of others... GT: The Taymanator
  11. Looking to boost 5-star and full boat. Please look for me. Thanks.
  12. Looking to boost for my last achievements....hit me up. The Taymanator
  13. Thank god it's over! What a PAIN IN THE ASS! All that I have to add is that reflecting the first 4 missiles, then dodging is the right technique. You have to reflect at least one more missile after the first 4, then keep dodging. Good luck and keep at it...it took me at least 3 hours!
  14. Wow, that was brutal. Just finished after my fifth or sixth try. Basically I used fully loaded windstorm twice, then used lighning strikes whenever I managed to grab Odinforce. In order to generate more, I grappled a lot and pressed B. Still, just barely made it with a bit of health.
  15. Good heavens, I wish I had seen this tip HOURS ago!!! Truly this is the best/easiest way to beat Ulik. Thanks for posting it!!!
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