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  1. Hi guys just a quick question. How to get the option "free roam" shown up in your case selection menu? I managed to complete all the 21 story cases and watched the ending *spoiler* in the church. But then when I go to main menu -> cases, the "free roam" option isn't under any of the desks. Did I miss something??
  2. thanks buddies, I managed to find it as I progressed further. I think that's why you need to "grind it deeper" before you really understand the game, right?
  3. Where is the McLaren car MP4-12C?? It has been in the official website car list even since before the games' releasing, but I can't find it ingame.
  4. Finally nailed it (corner 7) today! I used a Mk1 GTI with full upgrades in drivetrain, suspension, brake, tyre and weight reduction (left engine and nitrous alone). And I tuned the car a little bit by lowering ride height, stiffening springs, and increase steering rate to compensate the understeering nature of a FWD car... I used the hood perspective (I think that's the best one for me) and follow the line driven in the video. Credit to the video maker, great job!
  5. Same situation here. I can uploade photos in NFS: HP and Kinect Advanture, but not in SHIFT2. I'm going to try the privacy settings tonight.
  6. SAME thing happened to me last night, and when I finished the none-HUD re-race, the game stopped at the summary screen and didn't responed to the A button I pressed.
  7. looking for a boosting partner for this game on XBL time: GMT- 0100hrs 22nd/ ET(US)- 2000hrs 21st duration: 3-5 hours goal: 100 wins/ 300 games/ ranking up no turbo controller, sorry my GT: PrestigeBlancX anyone who is interested pls send me friendrequest, thank you:)
  8. I don't understand what you want, boosting or mating? Sometimes ppl just don't have the time or mood to answer you, is that ok? I'm not the one standing by 24 hrs everyday babysitting. And as long as you recognize this is a trading thread, my gamertag should not be considered as a random friend!
  9. I've just sent you my friend request...let's boost for the rank my online time is variable, i'll send you a message when i see you online
  10. anybody still playing nowadays? i want to boost the 100wins and 300games...but no turbo controller
  11. my suggestion is, try to make more random friends using the game's friend-matching mechanism in the main menu "autolog recommendation" and FYI, any "Hyper" or "Special Respond" events count towards the achievo, I got it in an original cop pursuit event good luck!
  12. thanks dude, now I guess I understand that it's automatic, but you'll need your friend to beat your result first... I'll try your method if no one bothers to beat me...hehe
  13. Hey guys sorry to ask but I just don't understand how recommendations work. Do you have to play an event and then post it on the wall to make it appear in your friends' recommendation lists? Or you just play an event and set the record and it will automatically appear in their lists? I saw one friend of mine actually faster than me in one of the DLC event speed wall, but there is no recommendation icon, so far no recommendation in any of the events which I can use the Veyron SS
  14. Hey guys, what specifically did you do to win the best fielder's award while playing franchise mode? Because I really want the avatar award for achieving that...
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