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  1. Never mind. It unlocked on its own in the end. Must have been some kind of lag issue...
  2. I've done this three times now, and the achievement will not unlock, even though I'm doing what is asked (charge the turtles, not flame them). Anyone else having this issue?
  3. Folks! Still needing help with getting the DLC achievements. Very hard to find willing players. I live in the UK and I'll be available most evenings (in the UK) and at weekends. So for the majority of people here, it'll probably be the afternoon for you guys when I'm available. Hit me up. My GT is Crazystu4 **Edit: Got all the achievements now. Many thanks to everyone who helped. If you're still needing the Fizzo Robotics achievement, you'll need at least 6 players as the night defense mission is very hard. I managed it with 8 players.**
  4. I just need the DLC Chaos Squad achievements now. I'm from the UK, and I'm available pretty much every evening, as well as weekends. GT is CrazyStu4 **Edit: Got all the achievements now. Many thanks to everyone who helped. If you're still needing the Fizzo Robotics achievement, you'll need at least 6 players as the night defense mission is very hard. I managed it with 8 players.**
  5. Exactly which tower do you mean and where is it located? If you mean the eastern chemical tower (that you need to shut down), I've checked it and found nothing. EDIT: Panic over, just found it. It's in the tower south-east of the huge circular facility near the bottom of the map.
  6. Pretty easy achievements that can be obtained within a couple of hours. Not hugely impressed by this DLC, to be honest. Only have two achievements to get now: collect all 8 documents and open 6 crates. Just waiting for guides and/or locations.
  7. Hey, guys. I need a GOOD team of players to do the heist setups and finales together, in order for me (and other players, of course!) to unlock all of the heist achievements (including the $8 million achievement). I'm sick of getting teamed up with random players who either mess about or leave before the mission is over, especially after several mission failures. I live in the UK and am always available in evenings. My gamertag is CrazyStu4 EDIT: I now have all of the achievements, including the heist ones. I expected this to take months, but amazingly it only took 10 days! Many thanks to everyone who helped!
  8. I need the viral achievement "Six Degrees of Schafer". I also need some help with the "Death From Above" achievement (kill 20 enemies with one Bleeding Death) and the "Conqueror" achievement (win 50 ranked multiplayer matches, which you can do by making your opponent surrender as soon as the match starts). Gamertag is CrazyStu4 EDIT: All achievements now unlocked for me!
  9. Folks, I only need the following online achievements. I'm mostly available in the evenings (UK time) and my gamertag is CrazyStu4 Bounty Hunter (Play 10 online Interceptors as a Cop) Escapologist (Play 10 online Interceptors as a Racer) Rubbing is Racing (Take down another racer in an Arms Race) DLC needed Chase the Ace (Play 5 games of Most Wanted as a Cop) DLC needed Priority Target (Play 5 games of Most Wanted as a Racer) DLC needed
  10. Well, thanks to brittdog25/MATT MARDAGAN, I FINALLY have this achievement! I did exactly what he said: delete your save, delete the game, re-download it, start a new game without adjusting any options, and keep walking around in circles on the first level (which I did by rubber banding my analog sticks). It unlocked after about 2 hours and 37 minutes. Phew!
  11. 2 full playthroughs now done on Normal and Hardcore, but still nothing. I have a feeling that I'm doing something wrong; something that is causing the "Steps taken" variable to go back to 0 or something. One thing I completely forgot to mention - during my very first playthrough, I actually got disconnected from Xbox Live, and believe it or not, it actually happened again during the playthrough after I deleted my original save and started again from scratch! Maybe that is contributing to it as well? When I have the time, I'll delete my save and reinstall the game one last time and hope for the best.
  12. Haha, no way, man. Sadly, not even Blue Isle Studios can make sense of it. They reckon I'm the victim of an extremely rare and unlucky glitch where the "Steps taken" variable somehow skips past 10,000 and stops the "Achievement unlock" event from triggering.
  13. Well, I've just done two more full playthroughs (both on Easy), I set the camera inversion to Off, and no achievement. Even clearing my system cache hasn't worked. I've created a thread on Blue Isle Studios' forum about this problem, because at this point I don't know what else can be done.
  14. Alright, I've copied my save onto a memory stick and deleted it from my console, and reinstalled the game. After doing all of that, I've played through the game on Easy twice, the time in the top right corner of the screen is currently on 1 hour 50 minutes, and STILL no achievement. Grizzly, I have two questions for you: 1) When the achievement popped for you, what was the time in the top right corner of the screen? 2) Did you play with "camera inversion" set to On or Off? (Mine is set to On)
  15. Yep, that sounds like the best solution to me. Also, this sounds like a silly question, but you don't think sprinting would count against this achievement, do you?
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