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  1. If this DLC turns out to just be the pre-order/special edition stuff I'ma be disappoint.
  2. Ha. God I laughed. (That's right motherfuckers, I live!)
  3. I did do a search but no results so if this has been posted already, my apologies. For anyone with the Steelbook, look at the artwork under the top disc on the right hand side. There's a shot of the SMI interface and text reading "NEW OPERATION - ANGEL FIRE DLC" Any ideas? I hope we get story/co-op personally. SvM is a riot but I will ALWAYS love SC for it's single-player. EDIT: Found a pic: http://gameshotpedia.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/newsplintercellblacklistdlc.jpg
  4. Seems legit, will you need my bank details and mother's maiden name before depositing them directly into my account?
  5. I have Santana in my Bundesliga squad but more often than not I play Dante, Hummels, Subotic or Boateng ahead of him because I play very defensively and more often than not catch out these super-speed teams with a swift and effective counter-attack so all these pace teams don't phase me. In fact I love seeing people get so mad that they can't get past my defence with their first run so they actually quit... Making pace the most coveted attribute has made playing UT online a drag. As you say - all the same players every time. I've rarely come across a team which is based around anything else. The times I have it's actually been a challenge because it's not been a simple case of counter-attacking an Ultra Attacking, High Pressure team and the closest I've come to drawing or losing a game. But let's face it, EA won't change their selling formula!
  6. Thepenisinhermouth. Tell me what you read. Be honest now. OT: HO-LY SH-EEEEEEEEEET! Dat skyscraper. Dat boat. Dat escape water ski! DAT BATTLEFIELD!
  7. My new best squad is attached as an image. 185 overall - 100% chemistry, 85 rating. It's basically a mash-up of all my best players from all of my squads (Bundesliga/German national/Dutch national) and apart from Christian Pander none of them are below 81 overall! GK: ADLER (84) DEF: C. PANDER (76), H. BADSTUBER (83), M. HUMMELS (85), L. PISZCZEK (82), P. LAHM (87). MID: R. VAN DER VAART (85), M. OZIL (87). ATT: M. GOMEZ (87), K, HUNTELAAR (85), R. VAN PERSIE (88) SUBS: J. FARFAN (84), M. REUS (84), T. MULLER (84), M. GOTZE (84), T. KROOS (84), L. PODOLSKI (83), M. KLOSE (83) RES: T. WIESE (83), R. LEWANDOWSKI (83), JAVI MARTINEZ (83), M. MANDZUKIC (82), N. SUBOTIC (81)
  8. I don't play head-to-head online all that often because of this shit but my usual FIFA buddies haven't been online much lately for Pro Clubs so I've been rocking some Ultimate Team seasons online and I really hope EA are going to do something about the little fucks who quit because you're a measly one goal up on them, or because they can't "tekker" their way past your overly-efficient German defence, or because you scum-bagged them after they scum-bagged you. Either follow Halo's example and bring in temporary online bans but make them more severe - 24 hours minimum - or remove the option of "quitting because you're a little fanny". "But what about those guys who have crap connections, Rich?" I hear you cry. Get a better connection and stay off Live until you do. Simple.
  9. Haha, yeahhhh. But we cool now bro, we cool! :D

  10. If you're new to the Battlefield forums and haven't met Benny, you're going to have a bad time. In fact, not just Benny. The lot of us. We're a weird bunch. You'll either join us, watch from the sidelines and laugh, or leave and think "What a bunch of fuckin' weirdos, I ain't ever posting there again!"
  11. What do you mean by 'get' an erection? Is it not normal to have one at all times or something?
  12. How dare you place that blame on my shoulders! I've done nothing to deserve this shameful disgrace that you are trying to bestow upon me!

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