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  1. hey guys ive been playing this for some time now and 2 of the hardest achievements are glitched for me. "Cluster bomber" and "Better mouse trap" will not unlock!!!! any suggestions? ive restarted and reloaded with no luck
  2. did you reload the auto save once you entered the building? thats the save that needs to be loaded
  3. hey guys i found this exploit where you can chose which legendary weapon you get. here's what you do. Note: Each time the area is loaded the weapon is generated differently. 1A. Ensure that auto saves are enabled!! 1B. If you find a legendary enemy inside of a building or anywhere kill him to see what he has 2. If you don't like the outcome reload the last game save (where you first entered the building) and kill the legendary enemy again 3. repeat until you get the desired outcome of legendary weapon or armor. 4. the outcome will be different almost every time. it seems the double shot and the unlimited ammo weapons are the best and most powerful! (**My fully maxed two shot hunting rifle does 202 points of damage right behind the last minute!!!) Note: Also keep in mind I'm playing on the survivor difficulty and I'm in Sedgwick at University Point, when you reload the auto-save when you first primarily entered the building it will regenerate the legendary enemies weapon allowing you to do this until the desired weapon is received. here's a video of how i got a double shot hardened sniper rifle!!! its only like 4 minutes
  4. Yeah man I've gotten the same ones like 4 times now and when I talk to the settler that needs help the option I selected before is darkened like I cleared the train station twice now. And killed some blood bugs a couple more times
  5. **ALERT POSSIBLE SPOIlERS*** Hey guys I found a way to do intimate missions for the minuet men. Pretty much I got to the mission where he wants to storm a castle and send forces to wait. If you shoes option Y the character will say something and then Preston will say hey these settlers need your help then you can just do the mission and turn it in once you turn it in he should give you another mission to do when option y is chosen
  6. I can't even find the giant gate in the menus
  7. Yeah I have 20 beds all the food, water and defense is green, and only 5 settlers
  8. I have 2 questions 1. I've placed 3 recruitment beacons in the middle of my settlement and wired them to a generator but I'm not getting any new settlers how long does this take? 2. Do I need to do anything special with the supply papers (shipment of 25 screws, steel, etc) so I just buy it, scrap it, store it? How do I get the stuff from it?
  9. I'm not ashamed to say that I did the first 2 missions and started my settlement, once I look up 9 hours had passed. This folks is how a game is supposed to be, it was magical, and I can now die peacefully <3
  10. also is 5 stories the highest you can build up to?
  11. did you reinstall the pre ordered game or the actual game, i still have problems placing like walls and stuff. i deleted the preloaded game and reinstalled the preloaded game
  12. same here sneak, and silenced rifles, even in Skyrim it was sneak and bow haha those unexpected head shots never get old
  13. Okay that didn't work either dude fuck this game I'm done with it
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