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  1. I can confirm that you can "destroy" mission progress. I'm on Heleus/EOS and the mission is "The secret project". First i tryed the mission, but it was way too hard, so i escape. After a few level up's i came back, killed all the enemys, but the mission stuck on "Killing all enemys" I lost my complete insane progress because of that. I will never get Heleus to 100%, so i will never get the achivement. F*CK!!!
  2. For everyone who has a problem with the achivement i can confirm this: 1. You can find kingslayer data even if the mission area say's 11/11 or 10/10, for example in Ocoro at a checkpoint or Montuyoc. I think there's more kingslayer data in the game, then you need for the achivement. The counting system is fu**ed up in the end 2. Some Data/Files count toward the achivement, some won't 3. Best way to check up every questionmark on map to find missing one's, even in old areas This achivement gave me cancer...but i can say: It's not glitched after all :wall:
  3. Thank you! Just wondering how many people play this right now
  4. Exclamation Can't play Online/Online Coop Hi guys! I got a problem: Today i got my physical copy of the game. Installed it, got the 9GB Patch (54,9 GB total) Now: I start the game, press Start and an Error Screen pops up: "Attention! Unable to validate your DLC with Xbox Live. Please ensure any required DLC is installed." I can play offline, but i want to play with friends...many others play right now. Thnx for help!
  5. Hey Tai, I'm having the same problem with BF4's The Big Leagues achievement. It refuses to unlock. Have you had any luck with that yet?

  6. Love you guys! Thanks a lot. Should be in the main walthrough or not?! Anyway, big thanks!
  7. Great guide, awesome! But to cut things out: How many of each collectible i should have BEFORE i visit Judgement House?! Would save my life, i collect many objects in the town before the walkthrough came up. Thanks!
  8. 5 from 10... I must say everyone should try to get the drinking mini game achivement before this is set. I play this for OURS and i think it's one of the hardest achivements i ever see. The guy in Pawnee is crazy! The analog stick swinging is a pain in the a..... My progress: The Loop: Level 10 (last part is nearly impossible with someone with left/right coordonation problem, controlls are mirrored) Pawnee: Level 6 (no chance, last part) The Wards: Last one again... Thanks Ubisoft. My chance for 1K are destroyed by thist crap. I stop trying it, because it's realy exhausting for me. The drinking effect, the concentration for every try, i realy getting a headache after a few try's
  9. Best thing ever. Can´t stand these useless MP modes in every shooter. No "reach level 50" and no "do a 180° jump while killing 5 enemys in ranked match". No boosting sessions, no stupid time intensive things! Thanks! Just a good old shooter, the good old times
  10. Great guide, big thanks! Got the 1K in no time with your help. Great and funny GS. For Spacegamefans a piece of cake but very cool.
  11. Yea i search for ours. I even ask the TA staff. Only read about problems with the chopper mine achivement, a few people don't get it. I think i have to wait till the next patch. Realy stupid, i completed the entire rest of the DLC completly normal in 2 ours. @PhantomShark: Thanks, but my console is allways in "energy safe mode". I don't trust the fast boot up after all. I read about the bugs causing from fast boot.
  12. Oh yes, believe me i try everything. I even stay for 3 Matches in a Quick Match Lobby, Server search Hardcore and Normal. Try everything. I got 15 full Matches right now. Must be a bug.
  13. Right now i got every achivement, but not the Big League one. Try the Testing Range, delete my Save, re-install NS. I'm going to hate the Xbox One. Last time one of Titanfall achivements was glitched. Whats behind this?!
  14. Thanks for the guide. I got a realy stupid question: I play several matches of carrier assault, but i don't got the "The Big Leagues" achivement. Whats wrong?!? I got all the other achivements in no time...
  15. My "Build Yourself" is still glitched. I delete everything, reboot the console, delete my GT and reach gen 2 for new loadouts - no achivement. This happens a few people now. I read about the same problem in the Respawn Forum. Problems with theses achivements: - campaign based achivements - "Costumize your Ride" - "Build Yourself" - "Best in Class" - "Like a Vacation" The achivements can be checked with SmartGlass. For me i got the achivement unlocked at 100% but no GS.
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