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  1. Sorry for the stupid question but how do you make dogmeat pick up an item that you drop? Like what buttons or commands do you use? Thanks in advance! Edit: Sorry guys. I was to close and that's why it wasn't working.
  2. So did you see my build and like it? Hahaha. Good choice bud.
  3. Bigg and Floyd are on the right track. I went.................... Strength - 4 Perception - 3 ( and a +1 for the early Bobble head) Endurance - 1 Charisma - 9 ( and a +1 for the early skill book) Intelligence - 6 Agility - 3 Luck - 2 PERKS: - Strong Back is enticing but with a start of 4 Strength, I can at least get Blacksmith - Locksmith takes 4 perception and since you can get the early perception bobble head, 3 will do just fine to start with. - Endurance at 1 is good enough for me and I can take Toughness if I want. Don't get me wrong, Adamantium Skeleton (8 End) and Solar Powered (10 End) are great perks and a great combo but are way to far down the chain. - Charisma has so many great perks that it's kinda comically unfair. Cap Collector (1 Cha), Lone Wanderer (3 Cha) are fantastic perks. The whole tree is great minus Party Boy/Party Girl (7 Cha)! - 6 points ( 5 minimum to start if you get the bobble head) in Intelligence is good enough to get the awesome perks such as Gun Nut (3 Int), Hacker (4 Int), Scrapper (5 Int), and Science (6 Int). - Agility at 3 will get you to Sneak. - Luck is another attribute that has some amazing perks but since I found previous perks more worthwhile I only spent 2 points. This is good enough to get me Fortune Finder (1 Luck) and Scrounger (2 Luck). When I find the bobble head, I can opt for Bloody Mess (3 Luck). If you decide to put a lot of points into this attribute then have fun because all of the perks seem to be AWESOME!!!!! I'm half asleep while writing this so hopefully it was helpful and at least semi-coherent. Best of luck!
  4. Not necessarily. There's allegedly 2 skill books that don't show up or are EXTREMELY rare.
  5. Great for people who are getting destroyed because the enemies are to strong.
  6. Because you're doing it wrong. Do Angry,Angry,Sleepy and he'll self destruct. DADDY LOVES YOU!
  7. No I didn't but you know me and my RPG's. I spent 3 hours deciding on how to build my chracters and so far it's been really good. I can't wait until you start. Yessir, I'm aware. The reason I started like this was to get that achievement out of the way. My next play through will be on tactician with a full party and I figured the companion achievements would aid in xp gains. Somebody mentioned that you may be able to save a talent point and pick lone wolf just before the last battle. This seems plausible but I think after a certain point it's going to disappear from the talent list.
  8. Ditto! If you have the pet pal talent, go see Murphy the dog in the cemetery with them. Haha!
  9. I'll let you slide on the NPC point, but just barely. Hahaha! I personally wouldn't make Jahan a Loremaster. I believe he is a scientist so that makes him perfectly suited for all blacksmith and crafting needs. As for Loremaster, you can wait for your 4th party member or even put it on one of your mains. REMEMBER that you can build up skills through equipment, talents and traits. I believe the max is 5 so putting 1 point to start and then by utilizing the things that I mentioned you could easily get an ability to max or even near max rather easily though some simple pre-planning.
  10. If you're going the party route then definitely make Jahan your smith. Since I'm playing with just the 2 characters scientist is better suited for me. You seem to have built a good knowledge for T-RPG's so don't ever second guess yourself. Go with your gut! I will say this though, if Jahan is a party member then how can he be an NPC? Lol, I'm sure that was just an oversight on your part.
  11. No troubles so far, knock on wood. It gets even better with 2 summons. I'M LOVING THIS GAME!
  12. Since I got hit with the game breaking bug in Wasteland 2 I moved on to this gem. I just want to have fun on my first playthrough so here's my build. Character 1 = Bubsy (my son's nickname since birth) Battle mage STR 7 DEX 5 INT 6 CON 5 SPD 5 PER 7 Man at Arms - 1 Geomancer - 1 Scoundrel - 1 Hydrosophist - 1 Witchcraft - 1 Lone wolf = INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!! Pet pal = Enables you to talk to animals (Apparently a key talent to have) Walk in Shadows - 70% chance to set invisible status for 5 turns Cure Wounds - Heal yourself or target Summon Spider - Summon a level 2 spider in a 10m radius for 30s Character 2 = Cheeks (For my wife) STR 8 DEX 5 INT 7 CON 5 SPD 5 PER 5 Man at Arms - 1 Aerothurge - 1 Scoundrel - 1 Pyrokinetic - 1 Witchcraft - 1 Lone wolf = INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Scientist = Bonus point to Blacksmithing and Crafting Walk in Shadows - 70% chance to set invisible status for 5 turns Oath of Desecration - Bestow a damage boost upon an ally Cure Wounds - Heal yourself or target So far I've been starting out summoning the spider and placing it between my team and the enemies. The spider does great damage and can inflict poison but is mostly used as a damage sponge. I then use my 2nd character and cast Oath of Desecration which buffs my first character's damage. Since I'm only playing with 2 characters I found it pertinent to have cure wounds in case of emergencies. My ultimate goal is to be able to cast something on the ground under the enemies like water or oil with my first character and then ignite it with its paired element i.e. electricity for water or fire for oil with my 2nd character. It all seems to be coming together nicely and I'm wicked enjoying this fantastic game. High five!
  13. Yes it gets closed off if you choose HighPool over Ag Center. You apparently can get this game done in 1 play through. You need to SAVE AG CENTER OVER HIGHPOOL. Plus from what I've seen, Ag gives you way better stuff and a better companion. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A PERCEPTION LEVEL OF AT LEAST 4!!!!! The higher, the better but 4 should be your minimum. It makes stuff appear that isn't there if your perception level is to low. For instance, the dig spot for the Garden Journal wouldn't appear for me until I upped my perception level to 4. For all of the multiple choice achievements just make a save before the decision and reload as needed. The cat burglar achievement can easily be voided if you talk to the chief AT ALL in the Rail Nomad's Camp before meeting the achievements requirements. If you do mess it up then it'll only take between 30 minutes to an hour to do on a new play through. Another tip is that you can easily abuse the rng in this game. Make a save before using a skill with a low percentage and you'll get it to work within a couple reloads. I've opened a bunch of things that only had an 11% chance. This method of reloading can also be used to re-roll any loot for better stuff i.e. trinkets, guns, armor. If anyone has any questions then I'll gladly help out the best I can. I have a bunch of notes taken down that can potentially be put towards a guide.
  14. This guy didn't find the glitch but his video shows both the location of the npc and the glitched box. It's a one time thing so make sure you get as much as you want.
  15. There's an infinite scrap exploit all the way to the north west of the map. I haven't gotten there yet and hope I do before it gets patched. I don't know if you can just drive up there but I'm guessing you can't. Basically you talk to an npc and he makes a jump available. On the other side is a camp with a pryable box. Once open, you can keep getting the scrap out of it which is 50 scrap per button press. I'll repost once I get there. Please share any other good findings with me on here or over live. Thanks in advance and best of luck.
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