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  1. Olma Peterson Castle Crashers redemption code Everything sounds good, but money's tight here, so I'd be happy with the game itself. Or a Green Knight figurine.
  2. 1st was one of my favorite 360 games. The only thing I really hated about it was the super-lame 'play for 50 hours' achievement. That sort of achievement is just a bad idea.
  3. Pacifism is my favorite. My high score is 49 million. My unfavorite is King. Blech.
  4. I like the protoss grill shirt. gamertag: Olma Peterson
  5. I think it's buy-worthy personally. I sank just under 80 hours into it and got all the achievements except Treasure Trove. I usually like RPGs more for their gameplay than their stories, but this one was pretty decent. The characters were well made. It's not ground breaking in any way, but it's a really well-made, enjoyable RPG. I liked it more than Eternal Sonata or Mass Effect (though I did enjoy both of these) and Blue Dragon was just a little...off to me. The characters annoyed the bejesus out of me, and the whole thing just felt a little bland. Anyhow, Lost Odyssey = good stuff.
  6. I remember playing a demo of this board game at Gen Con (either last year or year before.) My memory of it is very vague, and probably a google search would offer more info than I can. I recall a question being asked, everyone writing down an answer, then everyone choosing one of the answers and betting on it - IE - "How long is the average unused pencil?" Everyone would write down an answer, then after all the answers were revealed, you'd choose an answer and bet on it. Maybe I'd answer "5 inches" to the above question, then see that everyone else said "9 inches," feel like a moron and choose one of theirs. There are also risks/rewards for going with or against the majority. At least, that's how the game appears in my head. This may be right on the money or wholly inaccurate.
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