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  1. Smoke, Sub-Zero, and Scorpion masks which are simple and quick to make. Careful when creating masks though, read about masks being wiped then it happened to me! [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z0r7hKnkLfg]Army of Two: Devil's Cartel Mortal Kombat Masks - YouTube[/ame]
  2. Thank you for posting this link. Been constantly attempting to co-op with friends on the GWG version. I doubt its too high on their to-do list but good to see they plan on fixing the issue.
  3. Hello everyone, not sure if this is the right place for the thread so sorry if it isn't. Chatted a bit with xbox support about it and found the solution being to re-download my profile. The error code now pops up every time I try to sign into xbox live. The only major change I can think of was my Saints Row: The Third Full Package Edition having problems with the Online Pass which prompted many HDD downloads and deletions. Read on xbox.com's forums that many are having this problem so not sure if SR3 is related but you never know. If anyone can help it is greatly appreciated, thanks.
  4. Had the Full Package before the game was free and did co-op without a problem. When it became free though, SR3 says I no longer have an online pass. If I re-download it, I lose some DLC but can do co-op. If I reinstall the DLC using the install disc, I have all of it but it says I no longer have an online pass. On a side note; not sure if it's related but "Code: 8015B00E" pops up every time I try to sign-in causing me to have to re-download my profile if I want to sign into xbox live. If anyone has a solution it'd be greatly appreciated, thanks.
  5. Recently purchased Darksiders 2 used as the difference from new was $20 if I remember correctly. Either due to the previous owner or because the copy I got is labeled "NOT PACKAGED FOR INDIVIDUAL SALE", I have no instruction manual and no Crucible Pass code. Nordic has the servers up again but I'm wondering if they require a Crucible Pass. It is a $10 I'd rather not spend if I don't need to, thanks.
  6. Just finished the laboratories level when the game froze during auto-saving corrupting the save and losing all my progress. Have a backup save!
  7. Got KoA with an idea of what it was from others' descriptions and they were pretty accurate. Very easy combat even on hard, big map, relatively slow leveling (cap 40), all very accurate. If you enjoyed Fable then you'll enjoy KoA as playing through it I felt many similarities and comparisons could be made. Now on to the fun stuff; _________________________________________ Achievements in Bold DLC with achievements underlined Quest names in italics _________________________________________ -For achievements Elixir of Fate, It didn't explode!, Master of the Forge, Romancing the Gem, and Diamond in the Rough, it's best to enjoy the game and get these at the end rather than use the skill points maxing required skills early. At the endgame simply save, use a fateweaver, get achievement, load save. Rinse and repeat for the rest of the skill based achievements. -Getting either/both DLCs makes Loremaster easier as you won't need all lorestones. KoA requires 175 lorestones rather than all for the achievement and the DLCs come with 20 total; 10 from Legend of Kel and 10 from Teeth of Naros. -If you choose a Finesse build, the faeblade parry counter move "Savage Wing" is an easy way to get Juggler. -Legend of Kel has an arena-like feature after upgrading Gravenhal Keep to a certain point. Speak to Ollie Madsen after finishing the quest Gravenhal Armory and you'll begin Combat Training. You'll select which enemies to fight (I recommend Boggarts as they're 5 and can take them out easy) and when finished, mana and health is replenished making this a great spot for And Then There Were None. -If you want to make your endgame grind easier then invest in Detect Hidden for Loremaster and alchemy for Green Thumb which are the usual last achievements. -Sorcery builds might have a hard time with Riposte! while Might/Finesse builds might have trouble with And Then There Were None. Something to keep in mind while playing. -Not sure if this goes for all jails but going to the Adessa jail and pulling the lever that releases the prisoners gave me an 11k bounty. An easy and fast way to get Crime Doesn't Pay. -After getting Destiny Defined, the rest of the achievements can be obtained on Casual. -Daedinnar in the Adessa Laboratories gives a repeatable quest Lab Assistant where three chests spawn that need dispelling. Saving, speaking to fateweaver, maxing Dispel, then repeating this quest is an easy and fast way to get Open Seasame. -No first hand experience but I've read the dlc weapon packs make early game and Out of Your League much easier. Had a fun time with this game and the endgame grind wasn't too bad. KoA might seem difficult but is fun and easy while requiring quite a bit of time, hope this helps!
  8. If you've read about the Sleeping Dogs dlc, you know they're short. For the content in Nightmare in Northpoint, it fits much better being short. You get to see the game's sillier side whether it's having ghost passengers spawn in as you're driving or parked vehicles randomly exploding as you walk by. I spent 20min+ at my first power source fighting Jiang Shi, not only to grind for Cursed Gold, but I was actually really enjoying the combat. Early on you also unlock the Shaolin Warrior Outfit (same from Martial Arts Pack) which increases melee damage and looks cool enough that, if I had this dlc before I did the main story, I'd have most definitely worn. DLC missions aren't replayable but it's enough fun and short enough that I wouldn't mind starting a new game (especially if I still have my Shaolin Warrior Outfit unlocked). Year of the Snake expands on the driving and shooting while Nightmare in Northpoint expands on the fighting where the game really shines. If you're reading Nightmare in Northpoint and think it's all bad reviews, there are a few of us that very much enjoyed it.
  9. Got Year of the Snake 50% off and after reading these posts, I agree Year of the Snake was disappointing. Even being so short Year of the Snake is very repetitive. There are a few features that are enjoyable but you only enjoy them a short time then they end before they can go anywhere. The plot is lackluster and the ending very bland. The few redeeming qualities are the unlockables that can also be used for the main story but nothing that would save this dlc. Year of the Snake expands on the driving and shooting while Nightmare in Northpoint expands on the fighting where the game shines. If you only plan to get one, get Nightmare in Northpoint.
  10. This was the most common fight for me. Langshan beat Leghorn a majority of the time but it seemed like whichever I chose was going to lose. This achievement took a while.
  11. While trying to get a 600 Coupe for Tran the npc driver managed to somehow drive the car 250m below ground. Been reading up and it seems glitches are very common in Sleeping Dogs so I'm hoping there is a fix for mine. Searched around if any had a similar problem and found this thread but with no reply I'm a little scared. I know I need all 20 of Tran's jobs for 100% so any and all help is appreciated, thanks. Edit; Eventually my game froze and that got the npc-driven car to respawn. Peck4 let me know that clearing cache also helps so any in the future with this problem try that. Had no problems with other achievements and had fun getting them all.
  12. Need all co-op achievements, please message me over Xbox Live, thanks. GT: Proclaimer001
  13. Looking to get; Ruthless, Duelist, Gemologist Please msg me over xbox live, GT: Proclaimer001 Thanks
  14. Looking to get all multiplayer achievements including DLC. Message me over xbox live please. GT: Proclaimer001
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