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  1. Welcome to the site! Always nice to have more achievement hunters!
  2. Welcome to the site! Yeah, achievement hunting is fun and all, but I have tons of games that I need to play :/ Trust me you will be well over 6k in no time!
  3. If you just send me a message, on LIVE then it will unblock me.

  4. Keyboardist for The Doors, founding member. He was 74. http://www.tmz.com/2013/05/20/ray-manzarek-dead-the-doors-cancer/ Time to go listen to self titled album from The Doors. RIP Ray Manzarek.
  5. Yeah, I'd get a nice Squier or something for different tunings.
  6. Welcome, enjoy the site! Add me if you wish!
  7. Welcome! Add me if you want!
  8. Welcome to the website, both of you!
  9. The park was fun, a few of my friends dragged me on the coasters :/

  10. Stuff in common +1


    Lol, I like the old wooden coasters but, going upside down....


    Yeah, I'll pass. lol

    I'm back

  11. well this is the coaster park of the world, but I hate huge coasters....they scare me lol


    the band is going to Disney this November!

  12. well you have no dislikes! lol


    well the school band is going to cedar point tomorrow! I love field trips!



    edit: be right back

  13. Lol you made a nice stop-motion video. oh well you have a subscriber! deal with it >=) lol

  14. Agreed. No... Hendrix - (Harmonix has the rights to him) Beatles - ( Ditto with Hendrix) Chicago - (Best band ever) Aerosmith - (Joe Perry is awesome) Beach Boys - (Why not?) Eagles - (They don't like giving their master tapes out) We need more... Clapton - (Layla) CCR - (Fortune Son) Boston - (The whole first album) I can go on all day folks. LoL
  15. Hey Welcome to the site! What games are you into, if you don't mind me asking?
  16. I'm doing good.

  17. Thanks for the sub it means alot :)


    Yeah, I will try and work on that, I'm still kinda new so I'm still cutting my teeth, but I will see what I can do!


    BTW, I subbed back! :)


    I'm so glad school is almost done for the year! :)

  18. Lol, I don't jugde people on their playing, as long as you are having fun playing who cares what other people think lol. Did you subscribe? Lol maybe I should try to learn some Police songs. :)


    I uploaded a few more vids. Check them out! :)

  19. I'm doing good. Well being alive, thats a good thing lol.

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