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  1. I will boost for the online achievements.
  2. I will boost the online achievements. Gamertag : RobbieTheKiller
  3. I need boosting partners for the campaigns and the online achievements.
  4. I need 3 other people to boost for the Blue Ribbon Achevement.
  5. Me and my friend are booting we need more people! Message me. I will trade in Duke and other games.
  6. I need to get 500 kills on LIVE so that I get the three muti player achievements. PM me if anyone wants me to join a boosting group or to boost 1v1. If anyone boosts me for those achievements I will help them boost for other games. Thanks, Robbie
  7. Yea I kinda had this problem too. When the season and post season ends it wont advance to the next season or give me the achievements. I guess its a bug in the damn game that prevents you from getting the achievements.
  8. I've been using RobbieTheKiller since 2005.
  9. Its a hard choice between Halo 3 or Modern Warfare 2 but..... Modern Warfare 2 is sightly better.
  10. Hit me up if anyone wants to boost.
  11. Not sure on this but I though it said 6-8 weeks for delivery.
  12. I need The Team 2K achievement. Hit me up if you want to boost.
  13. I'm gunna have to say no to dating someone over Live. You don't know who the hell they are. Enough Said for me.
  14. I have Epidemik. Send me a PM if you want to boost.
  15. Hello, I tried to add my Gamercard to my sig my is says that I do not have permission. Help. Robbie
  16. Um Hi this may sound really dumb but I have checked every where on The Live Market Place and I cant find UMK3 anywhere! I live in the USA. Can someone please help me out? Thanks, Robbie
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