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  1. Decent list, and also rather fun game. Something to tide me over until dirt rally arrives.
  2. Looking for someone to do all non-DLC spec op missions GT: MytH FTW
  3. Looking to get all 'crew' based online achievements. GT: MytH FTW
  4. Same as usual on the new COD's. Poor online, when will they go back to basics with it instead of adding loads of pointless stuff. Campaign should be fun as they always are.
  5. Anyone wanting to boost the online achievements. Drop me a message GT: MytH FTW Edit: Done now.
  6. The live action cut scenes are damn awful, other than enjoying it
  7. As the title says, worth spending £8 on?
  8. Sundays around 7/8 UK times or during the week
  9. Like the title says anyone want to help in starting up a racing league using GT4/GT3 cars. Thinking around the way of 15mins Q 1-1.3hr Race Random weather
  10. Anyone finding when they play multi-player they are getting into lobbies with only 4/5 people? Not think it would be easier instead of just searching and joining you could view the lobbies that are running similar to Forza and GRID, so you can join online games that are populate?
  11. Just looking for people to race with, any car class just not the Karts. GT: MytH FTW
  12. Wonder what the other joys are going to be. Be nice if we got some Ferrari's, maybe an old school Lister Storm, Saleen and Viper
  13. I'd happily do this, given enough notice
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