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  1. Is it possible to look at the missions you have completed on assassin? I know you can look at the missions you have completed in the achievement section on the main menu.
  2. Where can you purchase this game in the UK? looked about on web no luck. Thanks.
  3. Complete ALL of the challenges, not an easy task very time consuming.
  4. Is this game even worth a rent or is it to similar to Fifa 10?
  5. Got my T-shirt. woooooo.
  6. Sheva from Resident Evil 5, most annoying person and the most stupid by a mile.
  7. Hello, Welcome to the site! Enjoy yourself and message me if you have any questions.
  8. Congrats, many people have hit this!
  9. Nope, and welcome to the board.
  10. Valve has turned each other against each other. OMG
  11. Thanks for the input, still not sure though.
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