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  1. Thanks for the guide But I don't understand how to get a couple of the achievements Enjoy the Silence (Calm down the comentator) - what do you have to do? Trick Cyclist - where's the best place to try for this? None of the jumps seem big enough!
  2. Any help appreciated with these 3 achieves I'm having problems with: Show off the Style - How do you get the sponsor Rally Style? I've done programs 1, 3, 5, 7 and 9 and not seen it. Sinister Appearance - Do you have to get a time in the top 100 to be able to upload your ghost? Surely this is not possible now, unless you're an ace driver! Know Your Limits - I won a stage on advanced but it didn't pop, are there any other un-written requirements?
  3. I'm pretty sure I have a Forza3 save on my HDD and it didn't prompt to import it after the first race. I'll try it again on anohter memory card - why do I need to look out for?
  4. In the guide it says that you have to get all the competitions to 250/250 or 300/300 etc. But you can only get maximum points if the DLC events have been purchased. So can you get the achievement by completing all the non-DLC events?
  5. My time at the End 1st Half save is 2 hours - is that good enough to get the A rank? I don't know whether the 2nd half is longer than the 1st. I got 276 bullets, 17 explosive bows, 18/8/6 grenade, acid flame rounds and about 10 green herbs. If 2 hours isn't fast enough I want to re-do it before trying the 2nd half. I did a couple of things in the wrongs order by mistake!
  6. I wonder whether the coop achievements can be done locally with a second controller? The expert achieve from 2010 becomes export or hard in 2011 - but I wonder whether the assists trick will still work?
  7. If you're having difficulty with expert with the assists you could try: * check your set-ups - 'Race Department' has set-ups which can give you are more drivable car without sacrificing speed. * try each qualy and race several times - have several USBs and re-try races where a single mistake cost you. I listed my qualy times to show that you don't have to be that good to win on expert (with assists). My times are a fair bit slower than the OP - but I still got the achieve! Won Expert WDC after 14 races on Season 5 - 2nd McLaren driver, with Button Sakhir – Q5 1:57.704 – R1 (perhaps expert wasn’t as hard as I thought!) Melbourne – Q11 1:29.442 (pole 1:27.386) – R1 Kuala Lumpur – Q7 1:36.901 – R1 (had to really sweat for this one - if I’d known I would win the WDC early I may not have bothered) Shanghai – Q3 1:36.694 (pole 1:36.075) – R1 Catalunya – Q2 1:28.997 (INT, pole 1:28.621) – R24 (took out Alonso, Schumacher. AI are impossible here, only got Q2 because it was wet) Monte Carlo – Q1 1:24.796 (WET, 2nd was 1:29.188!) – R24 (took out Alonso, Button, Rosberg. Race was dry and I couldn’t keep them behind me for 16 laps) Istanbul – Q1 1:28.306 – R1 (easy wet race) Montreal – Q1 1:17.702 – R1 Valencia – Q1 1:47.367 (INT) – R1 (quite a nice easy track) Silverstone – Q2 1:32.588 (pole 1:32.266) – R1 Hockenheim – Q2 1:18.769 (pole 1:18.746) – R1 Budapest – Q1 1:25.153 (OPT but starting to rain) – R23 (took out Massa, Button, Sutil. Race was dry and couldn’t keep the AI behind me) Spa – Q2 1:49.809 (OPT but starting to rain, pole 1:49.514) – R2 (would have been 1st but spun near the end, too close to the championship to bother re-trying) Monza – Q3 1:24.971 (pole 1:24.557) – R1 (had Alonso in my rear-view the whole race) Table when WDC won - 5 races to go and more than 125 points ahead: StuartH – 268 Alonso – 140 Rosberg – 126 Button – 125 Webber – 90 Marina Bay – Q1 1:46.064 – R23 (took out Alonso, Massa) Suzuka – Q7 1:36.082 (pole 1:34.855) – R24 (took out Alonso, Button, Rosberg, Liuzzi) Yeongam – Q12 1:42.532 (pole 1:39.968) – R6 (way off the pace, so tried Prime then Option for once) Sao Paulo – Q1 1:10.791 – R1 (hard-fought win on a favourite track) Yas Marina – Q4 1:42.159 (pole 1:41.419) – R1 (easiest win of the lot) Final table: StuartH – 326 Alonso – 187 Rosberg – 162 Button – 154 Sutil – 142 Schumacher – 136 Liuzzi – 119 Massa – 113
  8. Also confirm that you can get the expert achievement when using the assists between autosaves. The expert achievement doesn't pop until the end of the season - unlike the other achievements which pop as soon as you win the WDC.
  9. The website always has a problem! I tried a few months ago when my brother lent me the game before and I got the same message. Now he has lent me the game again - I get the same message. Is is coincidence that the exact time I get the game again is also the exact time that the website is having a temporary problem again? Absolutely not! I really hate these crap, glitched achievements - sign of a lazy developer - hubris - it will eventually catch up with them.
  10. I can't even get my account linked On the www.rockband.com website when I enter by code and gamertag it always says 'Looks like we rocked too hard' and doesn't say my account is linked Is there any trick to getting this to work - or is it now glitched?
  11. I'm in Season 5 McLaren going for the expert achievement. On Race 4 Shanghai I did the R&D objective, accelerated time and progressed to qualifying as normal. But now in Race 5 I don't have the Throttle Map Fast setting available! I'm pretty sure that in Shanghai it said the upgrade was for the Throtte Map, and that I got the lap time and progressed as normal. I'm doing short race weekends and have got every other upgrade in the career so far. This only thing I did different this time was after the autosave at the start of qualifying I quit to dashboard to copy the save. But this shouldn't make any difference. Has anyone else had a problem with not getting an upgrade, or it given in a later race? How much of a difference does not having the 'Fast' setting make, given that I'm doing expert? I'm wondering whether I should start the season again.
  12. I've done this many times, exactly as described, but not got the achievement! There seem to an increasing number of achievements where the game's detection of criteria are decidely ropey!
  13. One of the requirements for Check Yourself is - Earn 5 Lights in a Checkpoint Event without Stopwatches. Are there any cehckpoint events that don't have stopwatches? I can't remember! If there are no events without stopwatches which is the easiest event to avoid all the stopwatches? Thanks!
  14. You have to go into multiplayer and select leaderboards, then go to the person with the fastest time. I eventually got the achievement but don't know how. This game, and the previous MotoGp 08 have very glitchy achievements
  15. -Clean Section -Overtake/ New Best Position -Slipstream -Showboating -Perfect Racing Line -New Lap It just isn't working! I've done all these on a single lap many times and not got this trophy. It must be glitched - but people can still get it by doing something else in the lap, but there's no way of telling what it was. There's no way that using a continue makes any difference as the use of a continue is not a time bonus.
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