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  1. Have you been in the same game since before the event stopped? or have you gone back to the menus and still have the 8 times?
  2. something's up. I just tried doing horde and there's no more tickers and I got 200 xp for the wave. it should still be going but everything's back to normal
  3. They haven't announced anything for sure. but most people are speculating that it will be labor day. But they may throw something out there during July or August
  4. Exactly, It's what everyone on youtube uses in order to obtain gameplay footage in the right format in order to edit it into a montage. You connect the AV cables from the xbox to the card (which is more like a box thing like this one here, [ame=http://www.amazon.com/Hauppauge-1212-Definition-Personal-Recorder/dp/B0018LX0DY]Amazon.com: Hauppauge 1212 HD-PVR High Definition Personal Video Recorder: Electronics[/ame]) then you use another set of AV cables to connect from the capture card to the TV. and there is also some USB or firewire connections to your computer where you can record the footage
  5. yeah that's exactly what happened :/ it was supposed to show the kill and the words then go straight to black for editing style but it got cut off there was burst in the beginning of that clip, just when the trees were taken out and all 4 guys appeared then it goes a little crazy. but yeah thanks for the advice it is way better to keep your cool and burst because it does look way better than spraying
  6. a minitage is a mini montage. just terminology of the youtube community. and yeah my friend who edited is more used to doing artsy call of duty videos so he wasn't too sure on how to edit a battlefield one so he just did the same style. It's not meant to be a "pump you up" and "in your face" kind of montage, but an artistic one. It was his decision, i just gave him clips. the end clip was a no scope wallbang kill, just it got cut off i think as someone says below this post And yeah, i completely agree with you on it being hard to get good clips in this game. This is why my friend just decided to make a 1 minute minitage as opposed to a 3 or 4 minute montage
  7. the Acog ( ^ ) scope is legit and not at all hard to use. At least for me because I just run around quick scoping fools all day. I'm decent long range but I always end up using the m24 or GOL when i quick scope or when I'm long range. I don't care about the power of the m95 because I hate the way it looks but that's just my opinion. And also, long range sniping for me is just boring as hell so I rarely do it anyways. I have to be running around or else I just don't see the point
  8. Hey Guys, In my time off from achievements/call of duty I really got into battlefield. My friends over at TriHardMedia (youtube) have a capture card so I got enough clips at their house to compile a short and sweet minitage. Wondering what you guys think And check out TriHardMedia!! They do mostly COD MW2 videos but they're sick. sub if you like them!!! -II Giffy II Editor/Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/TriHardMedia [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ilDFwiVv0II]YouTube- Heartbeat | A BF: BC2 Minitage (Giffy)[/ame]
  9. Im looking for some people that want to do Der Reise achievements im in the pacific zone, message me if interested II Giffy II
  10. Well that's a total bummer that it's not out on the marketplace but honestly, after what happened last time, how many of you expected EA/DICE to really follow through. I love this game but the insane amount of lag I've been getting lately has shaken my confidence in them :/
  11. Oh alright that makes sense. Seems helpful just so you can get seriously 2.0 kills too but I don't really see a huge problem with doing either unless getting into a match together is a pain
  12. hunter, mind explaining guardian boosting because i still dont really understand it. i've just seen you in ranked games so im confused how it works
  13. So yeah, right now whenever I get an achievement, no notification comes up saying i earned it. I still earn them and get the points and everything, but it's annoying to have to check the menu every time. For example, i beat Afro Samurai except for the 2000 kills achievement and ended up getting about 2300 when I realized I had the achievement, which took maybe an extra hour or so. I haven't changed any settings on my xbox and this problem happens on other xboxs too so I have no idea what the problem is. Any thoughts?
  14. It definitely just all depends on the person and if they're going for score or glory. Score being the amount of points and glory being the difficulty of the games Like I usually don't like to play games just for easy points even though I did before with King Kong, MLB 2K6 etc back in 2006 and 2007. Now if I go for points, it's going to be in games that I really like or will be challenging. Dead Rising sure as hell wasn't easy or quick, but it's so rewarding. But when I see the people with 100K+ and have a ton of those movie games and easy ones, I don't really like them too much but I brush it off because we all go for our points differently
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