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  1. You need to be removed as an admin. Your bias and harassment is disgusting.

  2. Beating the game with all the characters is very easy. Beating it with just Zangetsu, even with additional skills from sacrificing the allies, is ludicrously impossible.
  3. I've had it happen 2 or 3 times as well, all when playing for 8+ hours. I feel like Navi is telling me to take a break.
  4. That's an excellent tip, I didn't realize you kept getting progress for unsummoned ones!
  5. I haven't been able to spear a single head. The grind is absolutely ridiculous.
  6. Do you have any idea what level of chest I should be looking in? I've noticed that the 6K - 8K range often has Brutalities, 8K - 10K often has Fatalities, and 10K+ often has skins.
  7. I've unlocked approximately 45% of the chests in the Krypt, and have yet to unlock even ONE victory or intro. Where are they located? Has anyone found any?
  8. N/A. Game is incompletable due to game-breaking crashes.
  9. I call it people with no lives who dedicate every waking moment to a game. I'm an adult with responsibilities, I don't have that luxury. But I'm still a veteran RE player who's beaten every game in the franchise, and there is ZERO doubt that this game is exponentially harder than any other. No other RE game comes even remotely close to the difficulty of this one.
  10. The RE4 achievement was made impossible because of ONE broken section, which uninstalling and reinstalling fixed. RE2 is infinitely more difficult. Now stop stalking my posts.
  11. Unless you're using infinite ammo guns, that's laughably untrue.
  12. Operation Raccoon City was nowhere near this difficult. Most of the challenge from that game came from it being a broken piece of crap released months before it was ready.
  13. Normal on RE2 is FAR harder than Professional on any other Resident Evil. And the entire problem is that you need EVERYTHING to survive. Every bullet, every herb, every weapon, every upgrade, they're all absolutely essential to stand any chance. That's always been the point of survival horror, but this game just takes it to an unbelievable extreme.
  14. Practice doesn't help. I've already beaten it over a dozen times on Normal. Even that difficulty is exponentially harder than the highest difficulty in any of the other games.
  15. This is far harder than any NES game. As someone who's beaten EVERY Resident Evil game ever made, excluding the light gun game on Wii which don't count, this game is by FAR the hardest in the franchise, and it's not even close. This is probably the hardest non-Souls game of this console generation.
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