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  1. But i havent done those puzzles yet, like i said before i have gotten everything in the game but those 9 notes and i even heard if also depends on the save file it works, but im missing 9 notes in MMM that do not spawn at all for me
  2. Hey guys, I really need some help on this one. I just started playing Banjo-Kazooie again after years of having the trial downloaded and just recently bought the game a few days ago and now I recieved an update when i purchased it but then i got to Mad Monster Mansion and I CANT for the life of me get the last 8 music notes i am missing for that map.....I tried twice already and on my 3rd attempt right now and this time I cleared my xbox's cache and now im doing a speed-run to MMM......my other option is to just use a friend's harddrive that has the game and just either download and update the game from there or just my profile on their xbox with my save file.....any advice????
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