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  1. Just played through ep 2 this morning. The first 2 achievements unlocked, but nothing else. Anyone else having similar problems?
  2. Hey all K, so last night I guess there was a problem with achievements on the XBL service. You couldn't view achievement and some had problems unlocking them. I was unaware of this while playing Wolfenstein (XBO) and I completed one of the perk tasks which should have unlocked my last achievement...but nothing! Found out about the XBL issue and figued id try again when it was fixed. Since then, I have tried again to no avail. Tried a new campaign, tried deleting my game save, all with the same result. Achievement tracker says its still locked...not sure what to do. I know on 360 you could recover your GT and sometimes that would work. Any sugestions? Willing to trying anything. Cheers! Thanks in advance!
  3. I have 2 copies and would be down. Msg me. Gt filter x360a
  4. Anyone needing someone for the GM achievements, send me a msg on XBL and I'll join for sure! Filter x360a Cheers!
  5. Hey all Im hoping someone out there can help me. I've been trying to get the HUT playoff achievement since release date back in sept. with no luck. This month, I lost my first game then went three straight to put me into the finals. I was hoping there is someone out there who: a) made the playoffs this month b) in amateur rank who would mind throwing me a game. I can return the favor next month and get you the achievement. If anyone is willing to help me out, you would have my ever dying love. I'd be willing to help with any other game I have. Name your price! Seriously. Thanks all!
  6. Can't believe i have to research a game to see if its bugged before i play it. Same shit happened to me. Now I have to play the whole thing again. Bullshit. Should be noted in the guide.
  7. Like Neon said above, This doesn't work in private. It unlocks in a public game no problem. All 7 of us got the achievement last night.
  8. So I've played through to mission five so far on hard. Not a bad game by any means. But i was curious, am I the only one who get this major urge to just run and gun through the mission every now and then? Sometimes I get so bored of sitting and waiting I just want to pop up and kick off some head shots! Now, I know that isn't the "proper" way to play this game, but are there any achievements related to doing the entire game silent assassin? Or is it just the challenges? And if I'm not mistaken, can't they be done through mission select? Cheers!
  9. When you search for Zombie Driver HD and try to click on the forum for the game, it give you the invalid forum msg.
  10. Same here, but having issues signing in on my xbox too. Tells me some content is unavailable then gives me some status code Twitter feed has it up too:
  11. Just happened to me. Came on here to see if it was a problem for other people as well. Glad to hear it's not just me. Thanks for the tips!
  12. For Flyers I have Simmonds, Rinaldo and Betts. Sent a friend request off. Cheers!
  13. I don't mind giving you some pucks to trade. It'll be a while before I get the achievement on my own. Kovalchek is going for like 150,000 pucks! GT is Filter x360a. Just hit me up when u have time.
  14. Really happy with mine. I picked up two Ultimate editions (1 for me,1 for my friend) and 2 copies of the 25th anniversary of Street fighter box set. Total price for all was just over $600. I was walking out with 4 huge bags of stuff. On the way out, a guy offered my $350 cash for one of my Borderlands CE, but I wasn't going to sell mine and although I thought about it, I coudn't sell my friends copy. The eb I picked them up at only got 5 copies. I was lucky enough to get 2 of them. Great set. I have that Clap Trap figure already so I wasn't too bothered about it not being included with the set. FYI - If anyone is going to buy that Clap Trap figure, the stand for it is a piece of shit. A little bit of superglue goes a long way. My set was # 43,171
  15. Looking for Zach Parise (NJ). I have Z. Chara (BOS) and a few other high end cards. Let me know
  16. Nice tip, I'll give that a try. Cause I'm having the same issue constantly.
  17. Ok, Dumb question. My contract has expired on my backup goalie in my HUT. How the hell do I find my Backup goalie card? I don't know which goalie is my backup. is there anyway from the My team page to check and see where my backup is? Probably feel pretty stupid once I see how its done EDIT - yep...feel pretty dumb. For anyone else as dumb as i was, highlight your goalie and hit Y.
  18. Im down for sure. I'll see what I have in a bit and post. Cheers for setting this up
  19. You can auto edit your lines to fill in spots that you may be missing and didn't notice. It also selects the best possible setup. I think it's LB or RB when editing lines in HUT
  20. This should be posted somewhere else. Very useful information. I was coming into this thread to bitch about not getting hard campaign achieve when I saw this. For some reason I missed one level. Thanks for the help!
  21. You can feel however you want. All I'm saying is there are better ways of getting your point across. A lot of people (myself included) are/were in the same boat as you. They only way things change is letting the company know what happened so they don't make the same mistake again. Because of this computer error (whatever it was) they are sending other copies out as fast as possible to fix the problem. Some people aren't getting the collectors edition right away, so they are sending a free copy of the game out so people would have something to play on launch day or close to it. Either way, like you said, you paid them so vent all you want. Be mad all you want and boycott whoever the hell you want. In the end, you'll get your game. Just might take longer. btw, for those who didnt see this on the forums for DS2, here's the post regarding shipping dates and such:
  22. I enjoyed the first one more as well. Camera is very annoying in this one. There are some improvements, but over all, I enjoyed 1 more than I'm enjoying 2.
  23. Yeah, even though it's not the company's fault, they need to get feedback from customers or nothing will ever change. THQ need to know that this service (not only on this title) is sub-par at best. They had a HUGE shipping error and games were sent to wrong people or not even shipped at all. As the company footing the bill for shipping, THQ should look at other options. Because of the screw up, they had to send more games out through UPS which will probably cost them a lot. No, It's not the developers fault, but they are the only ones who can change these types of situations in the future. My game was supposed to be here yesterday, still not arrived. I was told it shipped on the 2nd of august. I just decided to go buy a regular copy of the game while I wait for my CE. So yeah, make your complaints known, but do it constructively and know it's not THQ's fault (directly).
  24. I still havn't got mine yet. Ordered from THQ, live in Canada. Went out and bought another copy of the game so I could play it. I'll wait for my collectors edition. Hopefully, will get it soon.
  25. Also what I heard...but the blog says a week. Either way, here's hoping its not too long.
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