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  1. the most populated server would be marathon. you dont lose anything if you switch servers, and its free. only thing you have to keep in mind is to empty your mailbox, or everything you "store" via mail is lost forever
  2. yes! finally the first of the 3 missing blueprints! yay me! got the http://www.xbox360achievements.org/images/achievements/1598/+edlQg==.jpgThis. Is. Spartaaaaaaaaaan! blueprint from the old fishers 6 day repeatable "Bella, come home!" quest. (you get his building from a chest too..) funny since the chest was level 17 and not 20 as usual, but i dont mind. still 2 to go!
  3. its not really bitching. its just dissapointment. maybe theres a huuuuuge part of nostalgia with this whole attitude, but truth is that resident evil 6 is just another third person shooter and not the scary (i use this term loosely here!) game it once was. re4 was great, no doubt about it. and re5 had its moments, i actually enjoyed it more or less! what makes us so sad about this sixth installment is, it just feels like an tps. its this whole mass effect 2/3 thing. you had the base game and then you get the "dumbed" down succsesors to appease the call of duty hardcore gamers (oh i hate myself for saying this pile of dogpoopoo). i know, its just a demo. and many demos in the past proved us wrong! but honestly, its just another syndicate. or xcom (the fps). not bad games, not at all! just not... you know... not that special ice cream you loved as a child and cant seem to get anywhere on earth anymore. people hate operation raccoon city for being "not a true re game" yet they made it clear from the get go that it is a spinoff left4dead kind of multiplayer slaughterfest. and once you realise it you can have fun with it. the thing with re6 (and 5, and 4 to a certain degree) is, its not a spinoff but it does not feel like a true resident evil game. they should have made re4 some kind of counclusion to the old mechanics and then made the following game (re4+) what we have now. maybe with a slightly different name. its just the name that gets us so annoyed! storywise, where can you go from the end of re5 anyway? i mean, they killed of wesker! why would you do that? and then you introduce us to his lovespawn dogoodboy who will save the world from the zombies and... sheesh theres more originality in those resident evil movies then we get here with all those chest high walls. whoa writing in english sure is not as easy when getting all man-emotional on something you love. tl:dr -> not bitchin, just sad puppy!
  4. the demo was really unimpressive... leons section was .. okay...ish..y? im not sure, the camera is really bad somehow. chris´ section was just another third person shooter, and honestly, i didnt even bother finishing jakes part. makes me really sad, but no buy for me
  5. good one with the fertile pack. easy quests and lots of xp. time to level those persian beards!
  6. DayV3d

    just tried the demo

    im kinda surprised that the demo was actually way better then the first two games.. graphically its solid, the sound is okay. the handling on the other side, while good once you drive 3 or 4 times, its kinda awkward for the first time you do the demo. bet this will set people off again
  7. i read somewhere that they are. problem is, the boosterpack, anniversary update and babylonian civ added so much more items and those vanity tickets (which seem to drop awfully lot in chests to me) that really take so much chances off of getting one of those desired blueprints. your best bet is still moes with level 20 chests or any other chest thats not to much higher. you get way to much equip or other things in higher level chests. hope you are getting lucky, i am not
  8. well yes, most only play because of the achievements, and if they got them all.. well you get the point. its an achievement site after all but yeah, its a shame since the game is fun. but not the pvp, some guys steamroll you if you just play for fun
  9. well its totally not working for me its been a whole year now and im not getting the sphinx. no matter how many times i do quests or buy at moes, simply no blueprints.. but a lot of useless vanity tickets
  10. oh great. got the harp and the flute, and picked up the amulet on my first visit in solitude. and the related quest wont finish. the former two items, are those mainquest related items? *slightly nervous*
  11. over 9000 volt make lydia kind of... *puts on hipster sunglasses* ... enlightened! *nooooooooooooo[darth vader style]* nope, internet memes never get old, ever!
  12. hm, does it neglate the achievement when coop is activated? may have to beat my girl to help me out on this, insane is truly insane *duh*
  13. http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/achievements/1598/UP1R3QQ=.jpgGifts of Minos35 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.pngBuild all three Crete Wonders in your Capital City. can anyone confirm that this has to be done with one civ or may i spread the buildings in other capitals? leveling trough crete is way easier so i thought i could build the other two with the remaining civilizations.
  14. this one works so well because you start already with a built fortress. all you need is one more house built and sending your troops up the hill. i looked around on some other quests, but unfortunately this one seems to be the fastest one. but it works, all you need is patience.. a lot.. edit: combining the grind with the two dailies from mycene "Wanted: Thiefs/Predators" or something like that (wolfes and guardians) nets you 200 gold and 200 mycene points, witch turned in results in about 500 gold bonus. not much but helps. (playing as greek)
  15. congrats gazz! i have spent 16k gold on those chests already, still no luck. but got that fisher quest hut. and yes, sometimes it takes me 2 minutes, alt+tab while playing in a window and surfing the web until my 5 units arrive near the bandits EDIT: oh, im doing the two missions from mykene everytime i grind the quest, the one with the wolfes and bandits. 200coin and some mykene ponts for free.
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