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  1. Was this the mission where you have to go down into the subway station? If so, I had the same issue and solved it the same way!
  2. I know this is probably obvious to most people but it took me ages to figure out how to do it. Therefore incase anyone else is struggling I thought I would post this… After unlocking the red bricks in the mini levels, and buying them in Deadpools room, you need to go into the Pause menu to turn them on. When the game is paused, select extras and it will list the red bricks and show which are activated. You can tell if the multipliers are on because a small x2 / x8 / etc will appear on the left of the screen. I also found that I had to turn the boosts on everytime I loaded up the game.
  3. Thanks mate I appreciate it - sorry about they are not the best they are my first attempts at logos and arenas!
  4. Any one else finding it impossible to search for things? It takes forever to search and then drops out before finding anything!!!
  5. Hi all I'd be grateful if people could download the logo I have uploaded: Name: Achievement Hunter Key Words: Achievement Key Word 2: Hunter Key word 3: RVB I thought it was appropriate to try and get this achievement using the achievement hunter logo (albeit my poor attempt at it!!) Next time I am on the game I will download the following ones and would appreciate you downloading mine in return: Paulee90 Sampson2641 BazieD icytower38 AntDogs24 DingzIngz Enit316 Thanks
  6. To unlock Demolition you need to win the Tag Titles - you can't change the participants yourself. Next time you see a tag titles match just play as the challengers and win and Demolition should unlock.
  7. During the second stage (when they come from the left hand side) it felt to me like the smaller enemies were unlimited until I killed the two Banshees. I also play as a soldier and had Garrus and Liara with me. Took lots of attempts but I did it eventually. I ran to the right hand side and croached behind a collapsed column directly opposite where the enemies come from. I used a sniper (Black Widow I think - the one with three shots per clip) with disrupter ammo. The advantage from this point is that you can see the Banshee in the distance walking onto the map before she powers up. Therefore you can start shooting it early - I managed to take out its barrier by the time it dropped down onto the map. Then I switched to the incinerate ammo and got rid of its armour before it had cleared the middle area. Then I just had to deal with the other one... Once I killed them both I found that the missiles were ready after only a short time. Then for the final section I stood by the truck where you begin and mowed down about 3 brutes as soon as they spawned in the distance. Then I ran like hell around the map till the missiles were ready. I went clockwise from shop to shop and was fortunate to be in the shop near the entrance when the missiles were ready so it was just a short run to the console.
  8. That's what I thought!! Why for the final battle - the biggest most important one - would you not want to take your whole squad with you!!
  9. Hi Guys I've just completed my first playthrough of this, but haven't unlocked some of the "do this many of ...." achievements. For example, I am missing three pieces of intel, and have about 50 takedowns to do. My question is, if I start a new game on 007 difficulty will these counters reset (i.e I'll have to get 150 takedowns as oppose to 50) or do they stay as they are? Thanks
  10. I had no problems when I played it. I had collected about 15 or 20 fragments before I tried it though - perhaps that might help? (I doubt it but it may be worth a shot )
  11. I’ve seen a lot a people complaining about how this game is very similar to the previous ones and that there are not enough changes/updates etc. However all the changes that Ubisoft have introduced to mix up the gameplay have been criticised. For example Ubisoft introduced the first person Desmond missions this time (which I enjoyed) but a lot of people complain about these missions saying that first person sections do not belong in AC. Then they turn round and complain that the game is too similar to ACB or ACII. I see a lot of moaning but I don’t see many solutions or ideas being offered. I like the gameplay and can’t think of many ways they could improve it (after 4 games they have pretty much nailed parkour and climbing). I knew when I was buying this game that it would be the same as ACB but I bought it anyway because I love the series. I’m not starting this thread to bitch or moan about or irritate people. I am genuinely interested in how you think the actual gameplay of the series could be improved/changed without loosing the essence of Assassins Creed. Note: I have seen people suggesting that moving the series to China or Japan would make a change. I agree that this would be a cool setting change but the gameplay would be the same.
  12. The memory is called “Signs and Symbols, Part I”. You need to climb a tower near the Hagia Sofia, then use your Eagle Sense to identify glowing symbols. The tower is near the Hagia (not part of it), slightly to the west. You have to climb to the very tip of the tower to activate the mission. Hope that helps
  13. I've found this as well - my theory is that whenever you buy something new it resets the 20 minutes.
  14. Thanks for all the advice guys. I decided to do a play thorough on Normal first and I completed it last night. I didn't find it too difficult, though some of the boss battles were tricky. Thanks for the tip about practicing in the combat challenges. Think I definatly need to do this before attempting hard!
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