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  1. I have the same problem. Today i unlocked the Sisyphus achievement and i saw the notification in game but the achievement is locked at 100%. I have other achievements in the same situation.But also i have achievements with no problem in the game. Very weird.
  2. Customizing your tank you can unlock the flame tank.
  3. I have the season pass but it wants payment for episode 4, anyone else have this problem? I'm in the preview program for the console.
  4. Same problem with me.I have the full version and i'm in the preview program of the console.
  5. I can not play dlc on the xbox one. I have installed it 2 times but not new survivor mode maps in the survivor mode. Maybe missing a patch to activate the dlc?
  6. I have the same problem but with the Spotted achievement. I can't unlock and i try everything.Re-installed the dlc and the game and nothing and i have all the achievements of this dlc.
  7. I finish all The Main missions and in The pickpockets i cant play The next level because The game says me i Need to clean out 1 more mission. Its The level after turf war. What can i do?
  8. In the map legend i see a helicopter icon like is a usable vehicle.That´s true?
  9. Yesterday i was playing war games when the servers go down so i decide to stop playing after they fix the problem.I was rank sr19 so close to 20. I see a bunch of codes to put in the new waypoint to unlock armours and other things so i decide to put the codes.One of these codes give you 5000xp so after put this code i was sr20.I put the halo4 go to war games and my rank is sr20 but no achievement.Y play 1 online game and nothing.When i finish the match i see the things for level up to rank 20 but no achievement. What can i do?
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