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  1. OP are you sure about this for the Cycle achievement? I've done this two times in a row now and it just won't unlock for me. Are you sure it can be unlocked in an Exhibition game with two controllers? Or is it season mode only?
  2. Probably not for another 10 years minimum. This game was announced to be backwards compatible on XB1.
  3. Why do you have to spare the Bishop of Banff's life? What achievement is that for? Edit: Never mind, it's just get him added as a friend in facebook. So it's for the Friend achievement.
  4. Why do you have to spare the Bishop of Banff's life? What achievement is that for? Edit: Never mind, it's just get him added as a friend in facebook. So it's for the Friend achievement.
  5. 40-45 hours seems way, way off for the time to complete the original 1000. More like 70-80 hours IMO. I finished the original 1000 gamerscore and now I'm halfway through the DLC and I'm at 90 hours played. The grind for chests/cockades and the grind to collect co-op sync points is incredibly time-consuming.
  6. What kind of question is this? The achievement is about putting down a Caragath, and they only appear in the DLC. You were trying to put down a Caragor the whole time?
  7. Incredible guide bruv. Got my 1200 Gamerscore thanks to you.
  8. Thanks. Silly me, I actually read that part before but glossed over it, thinking "but I've already beaten the game". So I'm guessing they make Javier respawn to help people with the dlc get achievements with an existing save file.
  9. Isn't Javier a boss in the game. I only have one 13-hour hard save file and its from when I got 1000 Gamerscore last year. How could I fight him again? Fuck these achievements are so dumb. It's been almost a whole year I have no clue what the hell to do in this game.
  10. Missable means you have to start from scratch to get the achievement (aka start from a fresh, brand new file). Is that the case with this game? There's really no level select?
  11. You missed something pretty important. During that cutscene they give a hint about why Lord Tywin Lannister of Casterly Rock ordered Ser Gregor Clegane (The Mountain That Rides) to kill Elia of Dorne, her young daughter Rhaenys, and her suckling babe Aegon. "His is the song of ice and fire", they said about young Aegon, and so Lord Tywin wanted to make sure Aegon could not rise up for rebellion and threaten King Robert Baratheon's throne if ever Aegon became a man grown... Good thing you made this thread, otherwise you probably wouldn't have understood the end of Forza Horizon 2 at all.
  12. There is a red and white icon on the map which says something like "Go back to Nice Harbour". You have to go to that place and then push X to teleport to Nice.
  13. The bolded is all I need to know. That's pretty awesome.
  14. Is there chapter select to get the collectibles achievements? What happens if you miss a collectible? Will you have an opportunity to get that collectible at all? What's everyone's experience so far? Seems like there are way too few matches to light matches and mash A along walls and the middle of rooms for every collectible. I'd rather save my matches during this playthrough but I really really hope there is some kind of chapter select.
  15. Locking and deleting the thread is such a horrible idea. What if someone else has the same problem? It's good to keep this thread open and readable in that case.
  16. I know I'm super late to the party but is there any way you can remove the reference to "2058" in your Episode 5 guide? It says this: "Scaramech 10/10 After entering the numbers 2058 for the code, enter and after Edge talks, walk forward to the third light on the left. The scaramech is on the side of it." Damn, that particular riddle is really challenging and clever and has nothing to do with any achievement. Better to give people a chance to figure it out on their own than give the answer 2058 straight up. I'd rather it say "After entering the code on the big glass door, and after Edge talks..." That's a very very very very minor nitpick, for an otherwise incredible guide.
  17. Why is Where's My Cape considered glitchy and how do we resolve any problems encountered with that achievement? Thanks a bunch for the guide!
  18. It just popped after finally hitting 1200+ kills. I did a stealth kill early in Ch.3 on New Game+ and then it finally popped. Phew.
  19. Leaderboard says I have 1153 kills. I have the challenge unlocked for getting 1000 kills. I have the achievement unlocked for getting 200 kills. But I don't have the One Man Army (400 kills) achievement. I've already beaten the game (22 hours, Survivor) with no achievement. What do I need to do to get this achievement? Anyone else run into this glitch? How do you fix it?
  20. Peggy letter #5 is unfortunately different for everyone. Really weird. The letter you described is exactly letter #4 for me. I ended up finding letter #5 in a different spot (episode 1, after doing the clover case for Walker, in the Dive bathroom at the apartment).
  21. I Do My Own Stunts is missable... If we call the Kill 15 Cameramen achievement missable then I Do My Own Stunts should be considered missable too right?
  22. The achievement just unlocked on its own. So I guess this is one of those stupid delayed achievement unlocks. Really weird, because when I looked up the achievement it didn't even show 100% on Smartglass. *shrug* So weird. Usually the "delayed achievement unlock" glitch is only applicable if you see 100% on Smartglass... I didn't have that at all.
  23. Your profile says you earned the achievement. What did you do to resolve?
  24. This is incredibly aggravating. I've done this 10 times now and no achievement.... BOO!!
  25. I have reached the fish/girlfriend part two times now without getting noticed by the helicopter. No achievement. =(
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