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  1. That sounds great, since I plan to explore everything, extra time will always come in handy haha thanks for the reply
  2. Well done! Can't wait to get my hands on the game how often can you use lighting time stop? Does it require anything or is it an ability? Thanks
  3. HAHA! Good one! I played BF4 during the x1 tour and thought it looked amazing.
  4. I definitely played more than hour so maybe they will ignore my previous reset. Done too well since that time haha
  5. Did you play bf after your rank got reseted? Couple of days ago I was back to 17 from 18 but played the game as usual. Just hoping they don't decide to put my rank back 18 haha I am 24 at the moment
  6. Just unlocked the achievement. It took me about 3 days but at least I mastered the first pistol haha got 250 kills with it. And as BARD said, M1911 seems to be worse than it was in BF3. First couple of deaths I run out of ammo like crazy lol but got a hang of it and got 45 kills in 2 games.
  7. Received it too. Surprised me a lot since it doesn't say only one character but all would be unlocked.
  8. This just happened to me. Played as a Commander and ranked up from 17 to 18 but after I quit to play some TDM my level got reseted to 17. It does show on battlelog I am level 17 but when clicked on the battlereport u can see I am 18 in the scoreboard. But the worst thing is tho that the freaking Obliteration match was 40 mins!
  9. I tried it couple of times yesterday with the crate and it never wanted to respawn for me. I collected it, went to Xbox Marketplace and then back to the game and nothing happened. Tried the same method with armoured trucks and didn't work. Have yet to try the method with getting into a mission. Will try to test it today.
  10. I was doing the stunt jumps for the Lime Green colour and done 20 and that popped up. Thought I was gonna kill myself but after a while it showed a message that the game wad saved successfully.
  11. I have been having problem with the cloud too. It fails to save at random points. Happened twice but finally saved after couple of minutes. http://s17.postimg.org/z2weul8wv/IMG_20131019_190032.jpg
  12. Source: http://support.rockstargames.com/hc/communities/public/questions/200309736-2nd-attempt-at-clarity-from-RockStar-exploiting So it seems like you can't get banned but will be put in the cheater pool R* introduced in MP3.
  13. If anyone is doing Rooftop Rumble, please invite me. GT: LuCashino
  14. They are on the right side, above grenades and such.
  15. Mine changed to Shipped on Thursday night but probably won't be send till tmw like Cullen said.
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