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  1. For me the inventory is a killer. No option to separate the hundreds of books I've collected in the useable items tab is a massive oversight. The resulting lag from switching tabs is quite irritating. But my biggest gripe is the clay witch merchant bug. I've got 50 hours on this play through and I've just discovered that the Gwent achievement is glitched for me. I killed the bandit group and didn't get a key, after reloading several times I gave up and saved over the glitch, without realising the the merchant sold the cards I would later need. Furious, and I don't want to restart and lose my progress so I'll have to wait until my Death March playthrough. Besides this, still the best game I have ever played!
  2. I disagree with everyone that says GoW1 Gnasher users only used them to exploit the game and grab cheap easy kills. No, the reason I used it was not only because I enjoyed using the gun, it's very satisfying, but to CQB battle other gnasher users, that's where the challenge was. Getting in shotgun battles and winning was the reason I played the game for 5 years. I couldn't have much fun in a lancer battle, fighting from cover and not taking risks. Where's the fun in standing back and support rifling when you can go and be a gladiator?
  3. I know this isn't helpful at all but I lost a belt size from eating cakes and pastries leftover from work. But to be fair that was all I ate, once a day... Oh and excersize is crucial of course.
  4. Fuck the snow, I'm being called into work on my day off because my co-worker apparently can't get here -.- I was looking forward to getting some decent photographs but by the time i'm finished the light will be gone.
  5. Need a coop virgin Please add: John Rycroft
  6. They probably just sent you a new xbox. To OP: I think sticker bombing your xbox would look stupid after a while. Like a drunk tattoo. I'd advise buying skins from Amazon or Ebay that cover your xbox like a sleeve. They look much better, just like tattoos.
  7. Been using Firefox for years! Chrome on my phone though
  8. http://www.popherald.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/samsung-galaxy-s3-vs-iphone-5.jpeg This pretty much sums up Apple in my opinion. I recently upgraded from a brick to an S3 and it's awesome! And a damn site cheaper than the 5 will be.
  9. Tempted to pick this one up actually. Never played an Alan Wake game before.
  10. Happening to me after the first question. This game is so broken :/
  11. This happened to me too, can anyone tell me if this affects the achievements? For example, if I accomplished all of the skill shots, but it said 75/175, would I still get the achievement? Thanks in advance. EDIT: Nevermind. Had to start a new playthrough.
  12. Procrastination and insomnia (attendance) got me kicked out of college two years running. I used to have a really bad problem with it. Xbox encouraged it, but i'd also spend hours watching meaningless shit on youtube etc. But I started a full time job last week and honestly i'm completely cured. I have no problem getting up at 5:30 am for work, my insomnia is completely gone and I don't have the time to laze about anymore. I also have barely any time to play xbox. I do miss it but I can't help but think that playing xbox as much as I did exacerbated my laziness and insomnia .
  13. Yeah he really does. Took all the scare out of it. I also don't really like Pewdiepie, but Yamimash is a firm favourite of mine. His reactions are genuine btw. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rKlPToFEmtk&feature=BFa&list=SPBE16E57D052CDC39]Scary Games - Slender Game w/ Reactions & Facecam - YouTube[/ame]
  14. Try our very own x360a podcasts, they're pretty funny. Minty and Webb do a good job, but they haven't updated in ages :/
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