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  1. hello Just a quick one... If I have 20 keys can I only use them once, let say to open 1 that requires 20 or 2 that requires 10 keys? or can I keep opening boxes that are require 20 keys or less? Thank you
  2. Bountiful 20gs Survive 3 days holding a bounty of $250 in all states Hello I just had a quick question about this achievement; [spoiler=spoilz]Can this be done when you play as John after the main game/story is complete? Thank you
  3. How to get the best animal pelts? hello The animal pelts have a star rating of 1 2 or 3, every single animal I kill is either 1 or 2 stars... how do you get 3 stars? the more bullets you put in them the lower the rating? Thank you
  4. Hello I bought the ultimate edition and I've got some codes for outfits and bonuses etc. But When will they be able to be used/activated so I begin to use them? Does anybody know? Thank you
  5. I live in England and pre-ordered the Scorpio edition from Microsoft store. This morning (Monday 6th Nov) I got an email saying: Hello there! Be on the lookout! Your order placed on 21 August 2017 has been dispatched. You should now see the charge reflected in your account. Thank you for shopping with us – we can't wait to get this to you. When I click on the tracking number with UPS it says: Oder Processed ready for UPS, A UPS shipping label has been created. Once the shipment arrives at our facility, the tracking status--including the scheduled delivery date--will be update its now 7:03pm on monday 6th November and that status from UPS has not changed... But as I live in England next day delivery's are sometimes processed later on in the evening as its a smaller country that the US... I hope I get it tomorrow on release day... but I am not that positive at the moment
  6. Hello I was just wondering if anybody knows if you play the early 10 hour access/trial do the add ons also become available? or do you have to wait until full launch? Thank you
  7. hello I was just wondering how long is the demo for forza horizon 3? Thank you
  8. Hello I am not sure sure about the displays in and outs.. but if the xbox scorpio was 4K would it 100% need to be display port connection? or would it just use HDMI I am only asking because I would like to get one when they come out. But at the moment I am currently thinking about getting a new UHD TV.. so it would need display ports... if that what the scorpios output is any ideas guys? cheers
  9. Hey guys whats your fastest time for this achievement? - Best of the Best Beat IW best time on the Ship Training course in 'F.N.G.' (15.1 sec). My fastest time is 14:85 Proof/Video: P.S - how do I post the youtube video so it is in a box on this page? Thank you
  10. Assault Enlistment 80 Reach Assault Rank 2 in multiplayer I am level 7 and no achievement yet lol is this happening to anybody else? Cheers
  11. this game blows - Thrown into the deep end - No tutorials - to much to do - ranking system not explained along with weapon and armour - no real story (we are the division and we answer the call) - whats the call? - no direction - When you enter Manhattan you have to run 0.8KM just to get to next objective? - total waste of money
  12. it says saved games 0.4 KBs and 2GIG reserved it says But it cant/wont access it... I have uninstalled the game and I an reinstalling it right now..
  13. Hello Ive installed the new DLC contraptions workshop now when I start the game up all I get it start new game... theres no option to load a save WTF?!
  14. So basically to make sure they use the gun you want them to use... you need to keep giving them ammo?
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