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  1. I'm pretty sure one of the updates from Xbox corrected the insane amount of time it used to take to recover your tag. I think it's only like 10 mins or so depending on your Internet speed.
  2. This post is so great. I hate when people say "chievo" instead of "acheesement"
  3. Will this madness ever end? I appreciate the free gamerscore, but this game needs to die.
  4. I would probably say more time than 60 hours minimum.
  5. While the achievements may be lousy and really stupid and glitchy, it is sti the best poker game available. There are plenty of games that contain achievements that require no skill, all luck, date based requirements, collectibles. If you don't like it and don't want to bother with the hassle, just don't do it. I agree that the achievements are getting more and more ridiculous, but at least it's all free content..... Where that Doritos crash course game was free, now I have to pay for dlc to re-complete the game.....
  6. Finally got the four of a kinds achievement. Almost 21,000 hands. Didn't pop after getting the last four of a kind. Was turbo boosting hands all day with a friend, took a break to download virtua fighter 5, reloaded fhp to continue turbo boost and it popped at loading screen. Fuck this game and its stupid dlc. Fuck the glitchy achievements. And fuck its lack of stat tracking. Good luck to all the grinders. For all the people that seem to think playing with 6 or 10 ai helps the frequency of receiving better hands, you are just getting lucky and it coincidental. I played over 1,000 hands with 6 or 10 ai and got zero four of a kinds.
  7. yeah, this game is crazy. best available poker game on xbox and they dont have a stat tracker? ive been playing out hands against the suggested 6 ai and i havent gotten a four of a kind in over 500 hands... yet ive managed to get a straight flush. the only plus side to these dlc packs is they are free. i cant even imagine how annoying this would be if they were charging for all this nonsense and not updating their game. enough with the stupid fucking famestar and add the stat tracking. @gunstar have you tried recovering your tag? the win all hands achievement popped upon loading the game for me when i started the dlc, so not sure if there would be a point for me recovering my tag. just seems weird that people with way less hands have this achievement already. im now passed 17,000 hands......
  8. Considering it says WIN 10 hands with four of a kind, I think that would be a fair assessment. I'm at 16,500 hands played and 7,000 hands won.... Still no four of a kind.....
  9. Anyone know if the 10 4 of a kind achievement is retroactive?
  10. Paranormal should be 120msp. Garbage table IMO.
  11. As the ball is going down the outline, bump the table up when the ball is at the beginning of the flipper. it depends on the speed, but that usually works for me. I did it 5 timed on this table before it finally recognized it and rewarded me with the achievement.
  12. i sent friend request to all 10 tags, if you get a chance to accept, thank you.
  13. You were clear about what you said, but if other people are going to say the game is hard, I want to argue that it's definitely not hard. Certainly not a 6/10 difficulty. If people stick with the few levels that are challenging, its not a hard game at all.
  14. I disagree. Even if you have to try a level 10 times, which most levels don't, each level is only 20-30 seconds long. Sure some levels are frustrating, but overall is an easy game. No reason to remove it from list. Just keep at it, as there are only a handful of levels that are somewhat difficult. @ Arsenic, is chickens can't fly permantly easy or does it depend on the weekly challenges? I don't know anything about the game, but I remember people were freaking out about a weekly challenge that made the game super easy. Any feedback about the game itself? I wouldn't mind picking up another $.99 game.
  15. i vote for adding it to the list. i did it in two day. i would lean closer toward 4 hours, but then again, my timing with the interactive jumping and shooting was not really that great. kind of a fun game though, once you can figure out what the hell youre supposed to be doing. i also like the fact that the GP earned is absolutely worthless other than leaderboard score. i thought for sure you would have to buy the upgrades.....nope.
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