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  1. Need help with Terramorphus and the Hammerlock raid boss achievement. If anyone can help, please let me know.
  2. 105 and still no versus for me. I'm starting to get a little angry that there are so many do x number of times achievements with absolutely no tracking.
  3. Its all luck... Yesterday I got 2 planeswalkers, doubling the number of mythic rares I had. According to the leaderboard, I have 583/805 cards unlocked, if that is any help.
  4. You can go to the game hub. I always just use smart glass, but not everyone uses that
  5. It is just a messed up counter on the leaderboard, I assure you.
  6. 151 and no achievement. This should rule out all three theories combined. Edit: It popped at 158 according to the leader board. Based on everything I've done, all I can say is that the tracker just doesn't work right.
  7. Yeah, you can look into our other thread, I've basically debunked Archetypes and story as the reason the achievement hasn't popped. Edit: According to leader board, it took 158 solo wins for me to get 100. This discounts story affecting it (25 matches) non archetype (which at the very most I played 5) and games over the daily coin limit (Could not have exceeded 10). So yes, the leader board is extremely unreliable and does not properly track wins AT ALL.
  8. So far the leader board says I have 140 solo duels won but the achievement still hasn't popped. May be a glitched achievement or two after all.
  9. If I get passed 140 wins without it popping, we will be able to rule this out fir sure. I'm at 131 now, but know I'm close to my daily cut off. Alright, 140 according to leader board. The only way it could be story and archetype is if it was also coin winning matches.
  10. Right, well I haven't necessarily ruled out story mode. But that by itself could not be the issue. It could be like the daily challenge and only recognize archetype decks.
  11. I was wondering the same thing after posting this initial thread. I will hit 125 today and if it pops then I will confirm it and offer the info to the guide writer. 126 according to leader board and still no pop.
  12. Yeah, I'm at 114 now, still no. I do wish this game had achievement tracking
  13. May be glitched my leader board tracking has me well over but still no achievement.
  14. I may have looked over it elsewhere so sorry if that's the case... I was just wondering if it was possible. If it is, I will definitely post in the trading thread unless some kind person reads this and helps me out.
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