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  1. Hello fellow achievement hunters. I do not know why the achievement trading thread is locked up in this forum now, but I figure this is the easiest way to find someone for this game. If anyone is willing to trade multiplayer achievements for this game, I would be more than grateful. I have done everything in this game except the remaining multiplayer achievements and really want to get them done. Seeing as I have been waiting for months for someone to play this with me, I know there's not a whole lot of people still playing this. If you're willing to commit to finish up the multiplayer achievements on this game, please add me. Gamertag: HitDatGreen Thanks!
  2. Hello, fellow potential boosting partner. Currently seeking a boosting partner dedicated to doing all the online achievements. We do not have to do it all in one session or anything, so no big rush, but I would like to start working on it soon. GT = HitDatGreen
  3. Alright peoples, I'm back with some good news. Went ahead and tried doing the Redux maps (Bordertown - Redux, Killhouse - Redux, Streets - Redux) under the only modes available for them (Survival, Team Survival, Sharpshooter, Team Sharpshooter) with my buddy. Proud to say that Special Operations finally unlocked for me while playing Team Sharpshooter on Bordertown - Redux. So, for anyone hoping to get this stupidly glitched achievement and is having the same issues that I had, please try out the solution I have posted. I did not even bother with the Red pack maps (Doscala Restaurant, Neon Graveyard, etc.). Hope this helps out someone in the future. I now have my 1000GS in Vegas, so good luck to anyone else attempting it!
  4. Okay, folks. Found out what my issue was with the map packs (still no special operations achievement as I haven't attempted it again yet). My main issue was that the DLC maps were simply not populating when I would go to create match/look at them. The information I found on the internet related to my issue was very little, and most solutions vague. Now I did fix my problem with the maps not appearing and it was simpler than I thought, and I hope this helps anyone else in the future resolve the same problem. First of all, I have had my slim 360 for a few years but I never actually did a LICENSE TRANSFER. I had apparently downloaded the DLC packs on my OG 360 back in the day and forgot about that. Simply delete the map packs (if you have them downloaded), clear your cache. Go to your console settings, go under accounts, hit Transfer License and Voila! Now simply re-download the map packs, start up the game, re-download the update to get online. Now when you go to the maps, you should see the DLC ones populated in there. No word yet on if this is going to help me with the glitchy Special Operations achievement (fingers crossed!), but at least it gets the maps working again.
  5. I have tried going for the special operations achievement about 3 times now. Tried doing the reset cache, moving profile to USB card, etc. Did not unlock. Reading up more on the issue, I found that some people claimed that they were able to unlock it by doing the original modes with the red/black DLC map packs. I do recall that on my first 360, I was able to play those packs fine (which is maybe why the achievement is glitched). Now, ever since I have had my slim, even when I have the map packs downloaded, it does not let me even view the maps available. Any time I go to look for any of the DLC maps, they are simply not there. I had a friend go download the packs after he got the special operations achievement when we were going for it, and he was able to pull up the maps. When he invited me, I got a message saying something along the lines of "This user has content that is unavailable to you, please download the content". What?! I have the map packs freakin' downloaded?!! If anyone knows a fix for making those maps appear back in my map listing they would be greatly beneficial. I do appreciate your guys' thoughts.
  6. Am I the only one unable to unlock officially licensed? I'm wearing the ufo costume and have jinxed people online and in local multiplayer and it still does not seem to pop. Any suggestions to remedy the situation would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Me and a friend need the "SKX" achievement. Going to start a list and hopefully everyone can help us out with this. My GT = HitDatGreen 1. HitDatGreen 2. ryanist 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.
  8. Hey everyone, I pretty much need all multiplayer achievements for this one. GT = HitDatGreen Gonna start a list as well for anyone that is interested. Please message and friend request me. 1. HitDatGreen 2. 3. 4.
  9. Gonna make this quick, I literally only need one achievement for Driver (the capture the flag one) and so I need 4 people. I have more friends that may be able to help also and of course am willing to help you guys boost the ones you need. So I will start a list for anyone trying to get together to do these. 1. HitDatGreen 2. 3. 4. Please send me a message and a friend request if interested. Thanks!
  10. Anyone trying to do the "Pack Rat" achievement in the DLC? Please message me so we can do it. GT = HitDatGreen
  11. Setting up a list for this one. Please message me on live if you want in so we can plan on a time (GT = HitDatGreen) *Edit* for adding people to my list. Please feel free to send me a friend request along with a message. Thanks! 1. HitDatGreen 2. KDawg50 3. Seanbouy 4. S00 CRATES 5. Bikeman911 6. SuitedSmear 7. Wizowes 8. NoSenseLeft 9. aiowoi 10. Paildra91
  12. If anyone is SERIOUSLY interested in doing all the multiplayer achievements for Fracture over a good chunk of time, please message me. GT = HitDatGreen
  13. Looking to boost all the MP achievements. Add me only if you're serious and committed enough to doing them. GT= HitDatGreen
  14. Trying to boost a bunch of the races. If you're serious about getting this done, please add me so we can get started. GT = HitDatGreen
  15. Trying to finish this game real quick. Need a boosting partner. GT = HitDatGreen
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