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    Go to work and have kids so don't get time for hobbies!,except xbox now and again
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  1. Was doing the 'no kills' run through and I can't get past the beginning of the chase level (the one with the moving train) I just keep dying. The med kits don't seem to work, I've tried shooting over enemies heads, shooting lamps out and keeping crouched down but nothing works. Any tips? Playing on Ranger hardcore and don't fancy starting all over again on an easier setting.
  2. Got this game today so was just having a look at what the DLC was like, guess I should stay away from it then. From what I've read it'll just spoil the game and I don't wanna do that especially if its anything like Metro 2033.
  3. Thanks for the guide. Great DLC and story, enjoyed playing it.
  4. Dunwall city trials are the were the most difficult and annoying achievements i've done. Although I disagree with you about not having the skill to do it, city trials is more based on luck (and patience) than skill.
  5. Thanks for the guide and effort, I wudda never found that head on the beach!
  6. Thought they'd forgotten about releasing this, hope its not as stupidly hard as the city trials.
  7. I was going to ask this, picked up the game today and was wondering if any DLC planned. Guess not then.
  8. Agreed, it never worked properly. Some days it would never connect at all.
  9. Good work on the guide, thanks for the effort.
  10. This has got to be the hardest and by far the most annoying purely for the bonfires 3 star expert its just ridiculous, the hardest challenge by far. Been on it 5 days now and having no luck with the assassins what so ever and that's bad news for a game that relies on luck for completing it. This DLC has totally spoilt this game.
  11. Most annoying achievement? Jesus...... all of them, by far the hardest achievements I've tried to do, done about 12 hours up to now and only got 4 of them. Still I suppose you could look at like you've got your money's worth out of a DLC for a change with how many hours it takes to do it all.
  12. I tried it it this way, it took around 20 reloads/retry mission again but it did work. Well done on the main guide, thanks.
  13. Not as hard as I thought it was going to be, thanks for the tips and guidance.
  14. Your playing a lot of this game considering you've started several threads about how crap this game is.
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