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  1. Hey team, It's been a few months since I have played, and was feeling a bit shmupy yesterday so I popped in EspII and there was an update. Version 1.03. Could anyone please tell me what changes were made if any, especially to the gameplay? Thanks everyone. Good luck gaming.
  2. For someone who has never played this type of game, could someone tell me what the learning curve is like? Are games like this and magic the gathering time consuming in regards to getting good or enjoying the game? Any comments on the subject would be helpful. Thank you in advance. -nukes
  3. Thank you for answering this darkxmaterial. Although it's been a while, I do plan on playing this game again and any help you could offer in any regard would be huge.
  4. Everything Butters says has me in stitches! Butters saying, "do you think we should shit on his couch". Also aside from what the characters say, my brother and I love opening the closets and pointing out all the items from the different episodes. And I love that TomCruise is in Stan's closet. I think if you're a die hard South Park fan there's next to nothing you won't love playing the game! Everything in this game is "taco kisses".
  5. Do you need all the make up, facial hair, eye wear, and hair to get the clothes whore achievement?
  6. nukes


    Thank you for your swift reply Helg0r.
  7. nukes


    Hi, i tried going for the last boss without getting hit achievement and havent played this game in a while. The game had a small update and was wondering if anyone knew what it did? I was hoping it would help get me that last chieve somehow.......thank you my shmup friends.
  8. I dont have the money or this DLC at the moment, but i was wondering - aside from us all hoping to god the recipe achievement gets fixed, are there any new achievements? If anyone gets this DLC, could you please let me and the rest of us know? Thx. - Nukes
  9. What happened to the DLC I saw earlier? I ended up falling asleep before I had a chance to buy it but now it's gone. Did anyone get it in time? Was my falling asleep to find it gone a lucky break? I really was hoping that the recipe glitch would be fixed and I could explore some new areas. I liked this game.
  10. If this has been answered already I'm sorry but, could someone please explain what the difference between the arcade and Xbox 360 modes are please? I get novice is an easier setting, but I can't figure out the other two. Thx for your time. -Nukes
  11. nukes


    Does anyone know if this game will hit the states or if this game is region free?
  12. nukes

    region free?

    Could someone tell me if this game could be played NTSC style please? I love shmups and would like to give this game a go. Thx in advance.
  13. 25-30%!!!!!!! Im throwing it on the hard drive asap! Thanks for taking the time to do the math!
  14. Im a huge sonic fan, and i liked what i've played so far. It is a bit glitchy, so im hoping it doesnt make me lose the enjoyment ive had thus far. Then again im working on other sonic games so i havent given it a ton of play time.
  15. anyone try this yet? id like to know if anyone had success with this tactic, or if i made it clear.
  16. I havent played in a long time and i was really hoping to be the first to beat the boss rush before sharing this tip, but im busy with other games so by all means boys and girls, have at it. First things first, choosing a ship. I used the slow ship because of its power. Worrying about its slow speed shouldnt be an issue, because of what you'll be doing next. Basically from here on out, you're going to become your own "slow motion controller". Once the game starts, you're going to have to keep rapidly hitting the "start button". Try and do it at an even pace so the game has an even flow to it, and although the menu screen pops up with each pause, you can see thru it....for the most part. Now, since your right hand (your firing hand) will be occupied hitting start, I change my config and put the auto fire and bomb buttons as the "left trigger" and "left button". So with a little practice and personal choice i.e. ship,config,method of play...you should have an easier time dodging a screen full of bullets. I hope this helps. Like i said, its been a while since i played raiden 4. Good luck players. Hit me up with any questions you might have. My brother changed our gamertag and i dont know how to change it here. I cant find the forum for changing it here so if any one knows could they let me know please? my new tag is GOTA B FRESH. Thanks.
  17. ill have to ask my brother again when he gets home from work what the problem we were having was, because we have all of the artifacts but didnt get the achievement, and that post sounded like what he was telling me was stopping us from getting it. any other suggestions you can think of off hand for why we never got it to pop up?
  18. i have this exact same problem and it has prevented me from getting the deadric artifact achievement.
  19. really?!!! you only play with two characters? i dont know how to feel about this.......i've played and beat all the numbered ff's (minus the online games) and i like having my gang of merry men (and women) to choose from. i guess ill just have to really look into this before i buy it.
  20. I still have my save. I worked too hard to 1000/1000 to let it go.
  21. Im happy to know that im not the only one that an "ugly" gamerscore kinda bothers. I've had an instance where i passed a game up completely because i was scared that if i couldnt complete the achievements it'd annoy me to see my score not end in a 5 or 0. I know its ridiculous, but at least i can admit it.
  22. i know its a shot in the dark to even ask this since they are so hard to get, but if anyone knows could you let me know please?
  23. i've made it to the ??? part of 2-7 in boss rush. as soon as i get that achievement ill share the technique i've discovered. its kind of a cheap trick but these achievements are damn near impossible.
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