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  1. I suspected I might be in the minority over some of my criticisms towards the game but I made a real effort to come across as objective and back up every point I made with examples because I didn't want to seem like I was just being unfair, so hearing you say that is a great relief! haha Thanks for watching and for the great feedback!
  2. I bought the DLC on sale, seems to depend completely on what time I try to find games. In the evening, there seems to be a good handful of people online, any times outside of that it's only a couple of players, if that. I've been put in plenty of empty games by myself.
  3. I need the demolition kills, willing to help with others too. Hit me up, GT: thinreaper If you add me, drop me a message with a time you'd be free to boost so I can make myself available!
  4. Hi, I recently made a sort of retrospective in-depth review of Dead Space and I just wanted to share it with you guys. I'm basically hoping to get some feedback from the Dead Space community, I'd love to know what other fans think of the game and whether or not you all agree or disagree with some of my points. If you guys have time to watch it that would be great and I'd really appreciate any feedback, thanks!
  5. Hello! I made a video a little while ago of an in-depth review of Mirror's Edge where I talked in detail about the aspects of the game which I think worked, what didn't work and why! I'm basically looking to put it out there a bit more and get some more feedback, see what the Mirror's Edge community thinks, so I would love it if you had time to watch it and let me know what you thought! Sorry to shamelessly plug my video on here but I'm a huge fan of the game and, in a way, I made the video for all the other fans out there too and I guess sometimes it's hard to get noticed out there in the big wide world of YouTube so if anyone has time to watch the video I'd really appreciate it! Thanks
  6. I have all the terminals in the campaign, I have the achievement as proof. Yet when I go into Halo Waypoint it says I haven't unlocked a single one. 0/10 I don't know what is up with it, something to do with the update since Halo 4 came out maybe? Very annoying.
  7. I need the following: Beadle's Cutlass Souldrinker The Swinging Sword Jack's Hammer The TYPO Bloodcraver The Ice Maiden Skorm's Justice I have spares of all of the follwing to trade Mallet's Mallet Trollblight Aurora's Shield Dragonbone Hammer The Love Sword Mr Stabby Slimquick The Splade The Merchant's Bodyguard The Casanova Reaver Industries Perforator The Bonemasher Holy Vengeance Mirian's Mutilator The Barnumificator Desert Fury Facemelter Ol' Malice Scattershot Defender of the Faith Swift Irregular The Hero's Companion Message me if you have any you want to trade, even if it's just for one weapon! GT: Thinreaper
  8. All I need is the Queen's suit and the Women's Masquerade suit, does anyone have these that I can borrow? I have everything else if you need anything in return and also some spare weapons
  9. Yeah whoever wrote it needs to learn their left and right! Still a useful guide though
  10. Yeah this trick didn't work at all for me, in fact the game froze straight after downloading the update. I've never seen such a broken mess of a game since this update.
  11. I downloaded the DLC yesterday (not realising there were problems with achievements unlocking) and I'm getting this error message pop every time I finish a level, I haven't unlocked a single you Monster achievement yet. If it's patched why is it still not working? Is there anything I can do?
  12. Both the panda and the rabbit are stood by the statue in the centre of town. The panda is revealed to actually be a guy in a panda suit so he won't be wearing the panda mask any more so look out for him
  13. Well obviously it's not a concrete fact then, but the overwhelming evidence suggests that attempting to beat the game on Hardcore first try can lead to the achievement not unlocking. There may be exceptions to the rule but for now it seems like it's safer to just play on Normal once then again on Hardcore if you don't want to go through the pain of playing on Hardcore twice. I haven't seen a single complaint of the achievement not unlocking after the second playthrough. Also I think it's a bit ignorant to accuse everyone who is having problems with the achievement of having 'not done it properly' or implying that it's their fault in some way. When such a large number of people are reporting problems with it, it's far more likely the achievement is glitchy than that they've done it wrong.
  14. Thanks Mr Rawls, I'll give it a go then! Jesseeh that was a pointless post as it doesn't answer the question at all. I've already completed the game on normal, I was just asking if it's possible to get the achievement for helping all victims while playing on Hardcore.
  15. I know you're supposed to get less resources on Hardcore, will I be able to find enough ammp and items required to help all the victims AND stay alive?
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