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  1. You guys still jammin' with all the same folk? I'm not seeing a lot of old faces on this thread. Where'd Bigg? Mike? The Doc? Saw B for one post. Distance is further, but time to work is the same, since I live relatively close to 30 I don't have a lot of street driving. Still in school, in fact about to write a paper on... Well I don't know yet. It's due tomorrow, and I haven't look at the assignment yet, haha. Though I considered going to St. Anthony's due to their extremely generous extra shift differential pay ($25-35/hr extra), I think I may lead towards shooting for a float pool position at my current place. Same pay, but no more weekends.
  2. Bear! I find that in these excessively warm days, it commonly sticks to my left thigh. The only reprieve, airing out thy member, comes with the cost of removing copious amounts of pubic hair melted upon thy member. So, pretty good mang. How you been?
  3. Yeah man, it's a beast too. 5 bedroom, 3 bath. Nice deck with a nice view into a mini-forest. Private subdivision with no thru-traffic. Good schools. Fatty basement. A great deal of plants were already planted before we moved in, so we just have to tweak a few things, otherwise the yardwork is minimal (I plan to purchase a Japanese Maple, so sexy). All in all, life is great at the moment. Fucking busy, but great none the less. --- Star Trek, eh? Hmm, I don't know if that's something I'd like, but I'm willing to give it a shot.
  4. I need to get back into the console gaming community. I refuse to play Neverwinter (uninstalled that shit game), but I'm willing to play something else. I'll make an effort to check into the forums here more often. It's good to see y'all, on the real.
  5. Dirty! Sup my brotha from down unda? Me? I'm well, my friend. I bought a house, I'm back in school, I've been playing a shit ton of TWD:Road To Survival on the phone. The only thing I've really been playing on console recently is L4D2, or some Gears here and there.
  6. Lav, IKR? http://i.imgur.com/lIa1R2X.jpg http://i.imgur.com/Rv94jZV.jpg
  7. Wake up, get ready for work, go to work, find out that I'm not scheduled today. Boom. Work begs me to stay for an extra shift, instead I came home, like a boss. Shakalaka. Playing more of these free games. Van Helsing isn't the worst of them. A Diablo-esque looter. I'm enjoying it.
  8. We were completely stuck. 141/44 - closed. 141/21 -closed (but we couldn't even get to it because 141 was closed far before that point... Also, the bridge over 21 on 141 has a HUGE fucking crack in it now.) 141/55 - closed (refer to above.) 141/30N - closed. Old Gravois (in Olde Town Fenton) - completely flooded. Then I tried to get creative by taking 30 south to House Springs, and go around via Old Lemay Ferry Rd. Nope, closed. Alas, a route is open (well, I was told it's open, going to test that out here in a few minutes). Apparently 141 and Bowles is open, then one could take Bowles to 44, back to 270, and then onto 55, or where ever. Work will be so happy.
  9. It's 2016. I awake to see the sun is finally shining in St. Louis. I've found a potential route that will allow me to leave the newly formed island of Fenton. All good news thus far. I've been trying out a bunch of those free games with Gold that I've previously downloaded... Most of which are shite. Valiant Hearts, however, was quite a treat. Thief? Really? I'm so grateful for backwards compatibility, I can now fall back on ol' trusty, Gears of War 3. Delicious.
  10. I kept my resolution all year, that is, having no resolution. So, I guess that will be my resolution again next year... Then again, I suppose even though my resolution is not having a resolution, that in itself is a resolution, so... Perhaps I failed after all.
  11. Pfft. What kind of sexual deviant would I be if I didn't already own the above said? Now, had you said a neon pink fleshlight that plays Stayin' Alive by the BeeGees with each thrust, then we're getting into my realm.
  12. I got to go to work. Yay! And, er... well, some other promiscuous gifts that can't really be discussed in a family-friendly forum.
  13. Got my first completion on the One, Fallout 4. I really only got it because I ran out of things to do in FO:4 I want to play it, but I really don't have anything else to do, that I know of. 310 locations discovered, built a mansion in Sanctuary, currently building a female-only (excluding myself, of course) settlement on Spectacle Island. All that is left are repeatable quests. Guess I'll just have to play something else until DLC starts to pop out. Now, should I play some more Dark Souls II, and finish those two bosses I never killed in New Game? Or! Should I start playing some Metro: Redux? Or! Something else?
  14. I'm working the next 3... Hoping that the census will be low enough, and that I win the "lottery" of being called off tomorrow. Either way, we opened gifts today just in case. My son is going ballistic with the WiiU, playing Mario Maker. And I just had an amazing bowel movement. What a great day.
  15. Feel like I should be doing more with my life here. Finished up all of my homework for the semester, last day of school is tomorrow, I don't work again until Friday, that is, unless I want to pick up extra shifts. I don't want to pick up extra shifts. I really have no life. This realization has been brought to you by Snuggle, the pedophile bear. http://www.quickmeme.com/img/5b/5be6cc73de277665773be6d43941cd72d137936b160f566843bf6c7a4358171c.jpg
  16. Last week of school for this semester. In my Religion class, I am instructed to write a paper as an outsider studying myself, and my religious beliefs. Well, I am a bit of an agnostic when it comes to religion, so without a definite religion for my researcher to study, I simply borrowed another. I wrote that I studied neutral magic under the guidance of the Goddess Lunitari, and that I've devoted myself to neutrality, curiosity, and pragmatic thinking. Surely not everyone will understand this reference, but I'm surely excited to read my Professor's response to this paper
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