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  1. Hi guys need someone that can photoshop me a banner today/this evening Please for my facebook page. Anyone willing to help me out????
  2. No they can't be used. Completely separate part of the game.
  3. Going by what ive seen its only 8 per map. There's street races heists and just normal robberies. The micro transactions are not just cosmetic. And the passive mode is something you have to buy in game and it works both ways, basically no friendly fire. You can fit trackers on vehicles and there's also insurance for vehicles.
  4. I didn't pre order, walked in to tesco at 5pm on release day they had maybe 2-300 copies still.
  5. Do both then the heli noses down but the blades push you forward.
  6. Never noticed that. Im surprised that it keeps the targets you've already hit so it doesn't need to be in one run.
  7. Not so much the dying bit, more so if you know you have missed something theres no restart mission in the options wondered if anyone had found a way to.
  8. Already a thread on easter eggs 3 below this one.
  9. I second this as I cant find a way to just restart.
  10. I can Got an email today from a friend who works for the BBFC and they have asked for friends and family's to join the beta for gt5 online to see how it handles so I should be able to play multi player for 2 weeks before it gets mobed.
  11. I just jumped on this a was quiet content with series one, then the finale took it to the line, I couldn't believe they done that, seemed to raise the bar a fair whack, now I'm hooked. TV. Who died ? IRL I presume? Edit - shit, just had a read up damn!
  12. I got this achievement today. I spoke to Whitman once continually at the gate at the start and I'd already collected the 50 salvage i needed before I spoke to him, it still popped.
  13. Done the first of the 6 don't mind redoing it with someone willing to do all 6. Send me a message CRA166 T
  14. From what I recall it's only the power brick that's regional? Maybe not even that, the Xbox itself won't be, I'm assuming if I bought a travel adapter my xbox would work in that country regardless.
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