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  1. Thanks for the tip, definitely not an easy achievement, but hoping I get it to work in no time.
  2. I had this issue with the DLC, I think the issue stemmed from me starting the game on a set difficulty and changing it in the main menu when I loaded up. I had to start the DLC over again, but once I completed the first level, the achievement unlocked.
  3. I collected all of the readables and my achievement did not unlock, and it says I have collected them all. I'd note there can be issues with this one as I have read I'm not the only one.
  4. The Coalition is awful, but it won't stop me from playing this game. Lets hope they don't add shitty achievements to this game.
  5. Well there are no missable collectibles there, so you are in luck.
  6. The Hardest difficulty in Wolfenstein is "I am Death Incarnate"... Mein Leben is merely IADI with no saves, a feat that will challenge anyone. IADI is a challenge alone as it requires strategy and precision to complete while Veteran in COD requires little skill. I was comparing the two SP's and Wolfenstein is far better, I get COD has a MP aspect while Wolfenstein doesn't anymore, but it doesn't change the fact that the game isn't that good. I enjoyed SP don't get me wrong, but it was lacking a unique identity, and the MP just feels bland. There is little variety, especially compared to Battlefield 1.
  7. They should unlock randomly during natural play of the game.
  8. I had a few achievements not unlock while I was playing, I hard reset my xbox and continued playing and they unlocked randomly.
  9. Wolfenstein is a far more superior game this COD. I also like a challenge and I beat the game on Veteran in about 6 hours.. It took me around 15-20 to beat the game on the hardest difficulty in Wolfenstein (which was extremely hard).. The graphics are terrible in COD, and it feels like an unfinished product.
  10. Hard reset your xbox (by holding down the power button until it automatically shuts off) and try for the achievements again, that should work.
  11. My thoughts? the game plays awful. There are a boat load of problems for MP and Zombies, and the campaign is extremely short. Played the SP for 2 and a half hours and I'm already halfway through on Veteran.
  12. Mein Leben might be one of the hardest achievements out there, it'll be a near impossible feat to accomplish.
  13. While you can't replay levels with the same objectives you can re-visit all areas using the enigma codes to unlock those areas, so technically there is a mission select feature.
  14. Well that's good, however, I am not looking forward to Mein Leben. That achievement sounds extremely challenging, if not one of the most challenging achievements.
  15. I am all for difficult achievements, as that is what the word achievement is suppose to represent. However, forcing a player to play for 10+ hours without dying on the hardest difficulty is a bit absurd.
  16. I wonder if the hardest difficulty will be cheesable like the previous Wolfensteins'.
  17. Wow already? sweet, should get these all on my first playthrough.
  18. I submitted the Achievement list to XA.com today, should be up on the site soon.
  19. Great guide! I just finished the Act IV and I'm going back and doing side ops and collectibles. Question, the drone module's are all unlocked except the extended battery, you said they are all story related, is it possible that it's unlocked through a side ops mission?
  20. I am thinking about pre-ordering this version. Loving this series and era of Wolfenstein.
  21. Hard reboot your xbox, and try again. Make sure the achievement didn't already unlock, but didn't show. Delete your profile and re-download it. Those are the ways to get your achievements to work.
  22. Just play a few rounds of infected everyday, and it'll eventually unlock.
  23. Discussion? This is going to be a grind.
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