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  1. Hello my GT: Killen Villain I'm looking to complete All Raid Achievements ill form a temporary clan to do that so message me on Xbox live Im playing 9-5 7 days a week for the next few weeks minimum light +280
  2. Only games that end in game over and return you to the menu screen are counted towards the achievement. So anytime you select new game instead of resume your points and game isn't recorded. The exception being when you actually cross the 250 K mark you will be awarded the achievement mid game and therefore do not have to complete that game.
  3. Some of the worst changes ever made to any game ever. After tge april update in firefight You can no longer switch weapons, lead player gets handicapped and grenades home in on camping players. Talk about effing up an awesome game mode. I feel like selling this game now. Choked!!!!
  4. Hey looking for people to do get killacular in multiplayer to unlock the final avatar award. Send me a Friend request Ill get started around 11pm mountain. so roughly 10 hours from now. Will start a party and play rumble pit game type hopefully we can find 7 more to participate GT:Killen Villain PS. Not spelled the same as my X360a Login. Will help with any other chieves after if you need it, im basically at 1000 just have to finish multiplayer level up.
  5. Hey looking for one other person to do the multiplayer achievements with via the stark tower method, I have 3 controllers just need one more player. Send me a Friend request at: Killen Villain
  6. Its may 2010 and i can confirm this achievement glitch was not fixed with the updates, just make sure you save at the checkpoint before the two floating platforms you have to jump onto, and remember this is the second time you enter this room.
  7. Super easy way to get last man standing achievement. Load up Mozook Grounds 1 in last stand mode with two players, any difficulty you want. Make sure to equip all extra gadgets and maybe some extra ammo also just take proximity mines and grenades with you. When the map loads youll have 30 seconds to get into place each player must run to the second floor cat walk up the two different flights of stairs in the level, on your way up you'll see a red door(spawn point) ignore it. when you get to the second story cat walk youll both see each other at two door ways and across from you will be a big glass controll room with a red door beside it(important sawn point). Now if both of you stay close to the doorways your at right now by the stairs and other two red doors they become disabled and the third spawn point is forced to pour enemies out of it. Now just sit back at your respective door ways and shoot them in the heads with your upgraded zoomed in ak47 (most shots) and when 8 or 9 gather on the balcony one of you toss a grenade or proximity mine and boom. you clear waves in 10 - 15 seconds. If you run out of ammo (and if your carefull you wont) wait for the round to be over and run to grab what ever you can from the pile of dead enemies. NEVER LEAVE YOUR SPAWN DISABLING POST WHEN ENEMIES ARE STILL SPAWNING. Ill post a youtube video of it soon . sorry i only have shatty cell phone footage. its super funny and easy to do.
  8. Looking to boost MP with some people. GT: Killen Villain
  9. Looking for someone to boost MP with. GT: Killen Villain
  10. Hey looking for someone to beat CO-OP campaign on easy or normal in one sitting. Ive already beaten it on legendary solo and i have no desire to beat it again in co-op so please leave me alone if that's what you want. GT: Killen Villain
  11. Hey, If anyone wants to pound through Co-op campaign on easy or normal in one sitting let me know. GT: Killen Villain
  12. alright i thought maybe i was crazy so i checked but there is still a big red locked door in my way, fortunately I mistook which chest is which, I definitely found a missable chest however it has nothing to do with the achievements, just a random chest behind a locked door whew!
  13. I believe I've found a missable chest that will prevent you from getting some achievements. According to CaptainTek3304's collectible guide, this is the chest that is now behind a locked door ! The Black Throne: Second Tower Lifestone Shard Requirement – Voidwalker After doing the weight puzzle and opening the Beholder door, jump up the first glide point and start up the stairs. When you get to the first VW panel on the floor, turn around and look towards the ceiling to find another. Portal up there and find the chest with your shard. please tell me Im wrong Im already collecting the Armageddon blade and ive got every chest except this one. please tell me there was a way to unlock this door that i can repeat after the fact.
  14. On the Ashlands map, south part of the map to the left of where you first enter, there is a big circle stone part with some of that red barrier, I've already got all my powers how the eff do you get through that part ?
  15. Tape is a bad idea, and rubber bands aren't that common now a days, how about you just use your headset cord, wrap it around the joystick and away you go, running in circles. 100 miles is ridiculous and takes about an hour of boosting like that, try to make the circle as wide as possible. And if your using a wireless controller(hell who isn't) remember to flick the other joystick every 15 minutes or the controller turns off.
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