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  1. Voted a 5. There are no luck-based, extremely skill-demanding or overly complicated achievements; they are inclined towards 100%-ing everything, and each episode can be replayed so none are missable.
  2. There are in total 19 episodes, and 16 of them need to be played twice on two different difficulties for the highest ratings. Thankfully I know the trick to get the highest ratings so I do not need to replay them repeatedly, and I just missed two collectibles along the way. In the end, I spent around 73 hours getting 1000G.
  3. There are 4 difficulties for the game but they do not impede achievement unlocking. One thing to be noted is that levels in this game DO matter: fighting bosses at their levels and at a 3-level gap makes a rather significant difference. In addition, the game has a mechanism to discourage excessive XP/level grinding to keep the combat difficulty. However, overall, playing on the default difficulty of Normal is quite manageable. And compared to Tales of Vesperia, the game has far less missables, which is a huge plus.
  4. Around 80 hours to reach 1000G playing on Normal difficulty; I took things at a more leisure pace by trying to exploring all maps as thoroughly as possible and doing a small numbers of level grinding. In the end, I spent 192 hours to also do the following: 1. Get Alphen's attack and elemental attack to the highest 9999 2. Get all 6 character's 3 arte proficiency to the highest 9999 3. Obtained all 6 characters' 15 titles and bought all 450 skills 4. Obtained all 6 characters' base-game artes 5. Reached the highest combo damage of 999999 6. Defeated all 156 enemy types 7. Opened all 185 treasure chests, and fully explored each map for herbs, items and ores 8. Triggered all 320 skits 9. Found all 500 items 10. Found all 264 equipment 11. Forged all 103 weapon types 12. Forged all 25 accessory types 13. Camped at all 22 camping points 14. Cooked all 38 recipes 15. Got all 31 Astral Flowers Did not have the patience to grind all artes to 5 stars.
  5. 2 full playthroughs for the two protagonists are required, and one achievement requires levelling up to 80 for all skill points, which can be the most time-consuming achievement since that needs some serious end-game grinding. In the end spent around 100 hours completing all achievements and also: 1. levelling up all characters to Lv.99 2. doing all 68 side quests for both protagonists 3. reaching team bond Lv.6 for both protagonists 4. getting the strongest weapons for all characters 5. getting all decoration items 6. getting all highest level plug-in items 7. completing all 62 challenges (after 1.04 update)
  6. Voted a 4. Although there are 3 difficulties for the game, they do not affect achievements, and most of them are time-consuming but not really skill-demanding. The fights are also really quite lenient, much easier than those in Dark Souls and Sekiro. As long as you properly level up your characters and have enough healing items, the game is not hard at all.
  7. Unless you go for full combo for the entire Mad Village 2 (which is INSANELY hard from what I can tell), you do not really need to conserve your magnum ammos because Village 2 SSS is in fact very lenient. I personally buy the magnum right away for Area 1 - one shot to kill two armored werewolves, another two shots for the big cloaked enemy near the end. Try to go for headshots (just try); avoid spamming the attack button, and try to get some distance between you and the enemies so as to have time to aim.
  8. That room yes. Let me think, when "I can't believe Cassandra caused all this mess" is heard, face left and you should see one werewolf. Shoot it, then wait at the entrance of the room to let that daughter approach you. Magnum her, and then enter the room, go left to the central long corridor to deal with the one or two Soldats. Wait there until the other two daughters to come downstairs, and then magnum them. If you are lucky you may even be able to use one magnum shot to kill both of them.
  9. Q.1: Correct. Sell the LEMI and all handgun ammos; you won't need them. Q.2: You still need to play the remaining Areas; if you can reach Area 4 you may even get SSS.
  10. Congratulations on your 1000G Factory if you just use the SYG shotgun it will be quite manageable, since the gun can one-shot most if not all enemies; as for Factory 2 I believe you are able to get Area 1 clear, and then for Area 2 you want to sell the magnum (properly) and get the grenade launcher + hopefully 35 rounds of explosive rounds. Use them against all those Soldats (one shot, then handgun them until they die) and groups of werewolf archers. Remember that there is one Soldat Panzer in the foundry, so don't sell your mines after getting them in Area 1. Mad Village 2 you want to full combo Area 1, then just try to survive and finish the remaining levels; ignore the combos on those areas. Wish you the best of luck.
  11. Excellent for your Factory 2 S rank! Mad Village 2 in fact is really easy if you only go for the S rank; basically as long as you can get full combo in Area 1 (which is not too bad; use your magnum on the armored werewolves and that single big enemy near the end) you are almost there, and can even aim for SSS. For the remaining areas forget about your combos and just try to complete them.
  12. Congrats on your Castle 2 SS! This is already a big achievement itself. Prepare for Factory 2 though; those archer werewolves in the foundry room gave me a hard time when I first attempted it and I died to them several times. Try taking a look at some full-combo videos on YouTube to get some ideas of where to use the heavy guns.
  13. Yeah Castle 2 is a lot harder. Buy the magnum and use it on ... Area 1: the Soldat Panzer (quickly grab the pipebomb in the nearest cell and use it on Panzer) and the armored werewolf Area 2 (optional): one of the Soldats near the end if you feel your combo is about to break Area 3: the Soldat Jet in the opera room (if not then use a pipebomb or mine) and three Dimitrescu daughters In Area 4, sell the magnum and buy as many pipebombs as possible; use one on each Soldat you see Don't feel too bad if you die in Area 1; I died quite a no. of times there when I first played Castle 2. As for Factory 2 ... Area 1: buy the magnum and use it on the first armored werewolf, double-kill the second and third armored werewolves in Heisenberg's Soldat lab, either one Soldat in the black-out generator room, the three Dimitrescu sisters, and finally the Soldat Panzer and Sturm near the end. Area 2: if you still have magnum ammos then great, but if not sell it. Buy the grenade launcher and as many explosive rounds as possible, ideally at least 30 rounds. If you do not have a pipebomb or a mine in your inventory, buy one. Use the grenade launcher on Soldat Eins, Zweis, and Jet. Near the end in the foundry when the Soldat Panzer appears, use an explosive on it and then keep using the grenade launcher on it (if you have saved a magnum ammo for it then it is much better).
  14. Pretty much what JuSt BLaZe said; for the ver. 2 maps buy the magnum and upgrade the LEMI as much as possible - maxing out firing rate first and foremost, then firepower and reloading speed. Then buy pipebombs to get out of tight spots or deal heavy damage to the Soldats. Once all magnum shots are used sell the gun and buy the grenade launcher and explosive rounds. Ver. 2 maps have lower requirements of rankings but still try your best to build combos; do your best to build full combos in Area 1, and be more defensive in the remaining areas. Oh and online you may find video guides about using Masamune + Blade Master for knife-only runs; I tried and I could not recommend it because one), unless you have Super Guard you still take damage and will die; 2) you need the grenade launcher and flash bombs, which are too costly for the initial areas; 3) this method is too RNG. I still suggest using SYG-12 Shotgun for the normal maps, but if you are comfortable with M1911 and M1897 that is totally fine as well. I wish you the best of luck. You are going to need it.
  15. Consulting a video greatly helps for navigating Factory. Remember you can pause the game and look at the video as well. Wow you have S on Village 2 already? Congrats!
  16. For the 4 normal maps, my suggestion is to sell the handgun & sniper bullets, and then buy the SVG Shotgun. Upgrade its fire rate to max first and foremost. This gun can one-shot-kill all common enemies (even the Soldat enemies, and you can shoot them in the legs for quick kill as well, far easier and faster than using a sniper rifle), and the best thing is it can shoot down those flying enemies pretty easily without requiring crazy accuracy. As you play, try to do so while playing an SSS video in front of you; replicate what the uploader does, and check the kill counts as you proceed. As for the harder maps, I would suggest this: go back to the normal maps, and try to beat them with just your Lemi handgun. This is kind of a middle-ground between the normal & harder maps. You need to get used to the lame firepower and firing rate of that handgun, but you also have less aggressive and slower enemies so you will not get too overwhelmed. After that, just try the harder maps without focusing too much on your combo - in my case, I often got too reckless by charging in head on for sustaining my combos, and then I died. I won't lie, the harder maps are brutal and can be downright unfair sometimes. Dying right away in Area 1 is not uncommon.
  17. Luck was finally on my side today; got both Mad Village 2 & Castle 2 with SSS ranks!! In Castle 2 I got full combos for Areas 1 & 3, Area 2 combo broke when there were 3 enemies left, and then Area 4 I just took things slowly. The Execution & Magic Clip abilities were godsend, allowing me to have enough ammos to kill 52 out of 54 enemies. Final score was 1.3 million. And just for fun I went back to Village & Castle; now they are a breeze to me (1,000,605 & 2,140,000); cannot imagine that they once gave me so much difficulty. I have officially 100%-ed RE Village now, and NEVER will I touch the Mer. Mode again. Thanks again JuSt BLaZe.
  18. You really are good; tonight after some real chilling down after that rage quit (1st time ever in my gaming history), guess what, a completely random run and I got SSS for 810,000 points. I could at most got a combo to around 20x (pathetic I know), as it broke in that exact room you mentioned, I got bitten by a werewolf. But I kept on and focused more on staying alive rather than chaining combo. In Area 1, I managed to kill all enemies, and then in Area 2 with the Grenade Launcher I again prioritised survival to combos; managed to kill around 35 enemies and exited just before I ran out of ammos. Only Mad Village 2 left; many people say it is even easier but again I could not even get past Area 2; in Area 1 I already ran out of pistol ammos. I need another chill. Wish me luck, JuSt BLaZe. And I would like to thank you VERY much for putting up with my bitching. I wish Capcom could later modify the difficulty of Mercenaries Mode. The Ver.2 maps are a torture, not fun, and too luck dependent (I didn't feel my skills got better in the Factory 2 SSS run at all); Ver.1 maps really are at the perfect difficulty.
  19. I FUCKING CANNOT EVEN REACH HALF OF FACTORY 2 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am sick of hearing Ethan's pathetic death scream, that stupid useless piece of SHIT! Combo always broke; always took hits. On a console the controller aiming is killing me. I am so so so so hopeless. When I could beat Challenge 6 of Vanquish, how come I cannot even survive that long? I could not even get an A rank, not to mention S or even SSS. Please please please how can I improve?
  20. Can you believe that I just died to that heavy-armor mechanical soldier right at the beginning without getting a single point, SEVERAL times? The difficulty spike is so unreasonable (sorry for the bitching). And then I got swarmed because the handgun was too toothless to clear the werewolves & mechanical soldiers quickly enough; also broke my combo in the courtyard because of those 3 flying enemies. Got an S so in terms of the achievement I am fine, but when there are so many people getting SSS, I feel that I just suck.
  21. Jesus! Over 900,000 points? You ARE good! I finally got SSS and I had full combos for all 3 areas, but only at around 870,000 in total. Do you have any tips for me for Castle 2? How should I use the magnum? I know there are way more armored werewolves & those vampire sisters will be present.
  22. At least 3 playthroughs are needed: the 1st one for full collectibles & exploration, 2nd for speed-run + no healing + knife-only, and 3rd for the highest difficulty. An optional 4th playthrough before doing the highest difficulty playthrough is not necessary but is highly recommended to earn money to fully upgrade a magnum for inf. ammo, which can drastically reduce the difficulty and your stress. These playthroughs together can be done in around 25 hours. The rest goes to Mercenaries Mode, which is very skill-demanding and thus needs a lot of time for practising. There are 8 maps, 4 are the normal version and the other 4 are their more difficult version. The normal maps can be tackled fairly easily by replicating what those video guides are doing, but the more difficult maps are way harder (same enemy types and numbers, but they get much more aggressive and damaging, and the worst of all is you have to rely on the weakest handgun), so this can take quite some time to beat them all with S ranks. In the end I think I spent around 60-70 hours doing all achievements and also: 1. fully upgraded every weapon 2. completed all challenges 3. bought all extra content shop items 4. finished all Mercenaries Mode maps with SSS ranks
  23. A 7 or 8, all because of that "All S ranks in Mercenary mode" achievement (no exaggeration to say it is one of the hardest ach. in the Resident Evil series), as well as a boss on the hardest Village of Shadow difficulty. For the story mode, as long as inf. ammo is purchased (any gun), the subsequent playthrough(s) will only get easier every time, even on VoS difficulty, and yet there is one boss fight where inf. ammo cannot be of help at all. This fight depends a lot on luck and can be frustrating, but is not that unbearable. Mercenaries Mode on the other hand is more than challenging: it is brutal esp. for the more difficult maps. This is going to take a lot of practice & luck, even when going for just S ranks (the highest ranking BTW is SSS). Playing on a console further increases the difficulty since console aiming is far less efficient than mouse aiming on PC.
  24. JuSt BLaZe how would you recommend tackling those ver.2 maps? I managed to SSS all 4 normal maps, but today when I tried Village 2 I found that the experience was nothing but brutal. Only a handgun and it is very hard to keep the combo going, esp. Area 3 - near the end, there are 2 archers on the rooftop and those HAVE to be killed quickly or the combo will break, BUT, if I use a magnum there I won't have any magnum ammo left for that big wolf enemy at the very end.
  25. I feel that JuSt BLaZe would have no problem with Mer. mode, because I remember you helping me Trinity-ing a level on RE Revelations, and that was SO difficult for me, but you just breezed it. I have just those 2 Mer. achievements remaining but I will watch some video guides first.
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