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  1. I'll be online all the day on the 20th, looking to boost all achievements, I got extra controllers, just send me a msg if you need any help. I'll help everyone, even when I already did them gamertag: MisanDope
  2. My thanks go to Dudwood Fudwood for giving me one star nameplate
  3. I'm ready for some anarchy and would like to find ppl for the 50k score achievement ( yeah good teamplayers needed) just add me on live GT: MisanDope (deutsche spieler wär natürlich des beste)
  4. hey guys I just wanna know if anyone else had the same bad luck yet, to be sure its the game. its freezing in loadingscreens rarely. I've been playing this for a few days now nonstop and it happened to me like 3 times (the disk is installed and the xbox dont freeze on other games). thanks in advance
  5. I got the PAL version here, add me up guys if you want to play some co-op
  6. hey guys I would like to find some german people to start training in this game or do some achievements together, just add me up in live
  7. You guys are not the only ones.. I JUST GAVE UP on this damn achievement! it for sure is glitched.. I did 500 matches 1on1: no achievement for me and partner. then I tried to do it again on ctf with a friend and COUNTED every single game: after 650 games ctf and more than 24 hours wasted time I got my answer: this achievement is hopeless glichted. of course there may be a very few people who got it, but they just had luck that it unlocked. I wont try it again before the devs bring out a patch for this totally bugged game.. its sad but true I cant stand it anymore
  8. thanks for that Input, gonna try it out later. ..and good to see Bethesda at least answer to the email, hope they care enough.
  9. I dont want to say something to the boosting discussion... but thanks to goldenpp72 I was doing more than a few rounds with him and now, I at least know how to unlock it at all.
  10. my thanks go to: A BANNED CRIBB I do the same favor now, so just msg me if you want an invite (I'm back to xboxlive in like 2 hours and then I'll stay online like 10 hours) I just noticed that I cant download Raskulls from the ingame link to it, because it gives me an xboxlive error msg 800700E8. But the reason may be that it isnt available on german marketplace yet, cause when I tried with an american account, I was able to download the trail without problems.
  11. thats what I wanted to read
  12. nice guide so far, I gonna help contribute If I find out something helpful
  13. I realy loved the game in the past, and I still love it. even if the online wont be fixed and the controls are difficult, I still will play this for more than a few days. I'm always open for an match so add me up in xboxlive guys
  14. ich add dich mal in live, so wenig deutsche hier.. vielleicht könn wir ne runde quake zusamm zocken

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