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  1. Was there a work around for this? I’ve got 75% of the way through the game with every collectible found and I’ve only had 1 achievement pop.
  2. UberPirateNinja It sounds like your one x is positioned exactly like mine was. I also had a one s sat there for many a long session without any issue but I found the one x needs more ventilation at the top. I had to remove a draw from my unit and then lower the top shelf that my one x was on to give more top clearance ( massive pain ) and this fixed the issue. I found that the one s has a top fan, which moves all the hot air away. the one x does not have a top fan so any heat coming off the console sits above it, which then heats the console even more. Mine never felt that hot but this must because the fans were running at full. I would suggest leave yours on for an hour, then feel the bottom of the shelf above your console. If this is warm at all, then you need more top ventilation.
  3. I found most places do not give all of the specs when advertising their TVs. When choosing mine I narrowed it down to 3 ( based on my budget ) and then google the model number manual. There will usually be a top hit for the manual of the TV which will then give a full spec list for comparison.
  4. Have you tried placing your one x in a different location? this helped fix my issue with the fans running on full. I previously had plenty of ventilation but after giving mine even more ventilation at the top, my fans now run silent. I think the problem was that the One x does not have a fan on the top like the One S, so the hot air coming out of the sides sat above the console. I now have 15cm left, right and back and 20+cm above with full open front. Any thing less than this caused the fans to kick in. Also make sure non of the wires at the back go near the right hand side of the console as this is the hottest part.
  5. I have now managed to fix this issue. Previously my One X was where my One S used to be ( which I never had any issues with ) in a TV cabinet. This was the only device on the shelf and had a full open front, 15cm clearance on both the left and right, 15cm clearance at the back with no loose wires and a hole in the back of the cabinet, and 8 cm clearance at the top. I removed an extra shelf to now give 25cm clearance at the top and sat the one X on 4 small blocks on each corner to allow a 5cm clearance at the bottom as well. The fans now only kick in occasionally ( once an hour ) rather than every 30 seconds and the xbox is running a lot colder. I did notice that the back right of the One X ( where I think the main chips are ) does get warm even when it is turned off in standby mode, So I am unsure if it needs extra ventilation compared with previous models or if mine is just running hotter than most.
  6. I have a 2017 model Panasonic 58" 4K HDR TV ( TX-58EX700B ) and would recommend this as great quality to price. It also ticks all of the boxes on the xbox TV test in settings. I paid £829 for the 58" model but know the 50" versions are a bit cheaper. I also have a 2015 Samsung 40" 4K Tv ( not HDR ) which is no where near as good for picture colours and also gives out double the heat of the panasonic.
  7. When setting it up, downloading updates and transferring game saves from my old xbox, the One X was almost silent. I played about 10 mins of recore and again it was almost silent. The next day I did a session of horde on gears 4 ( performance mode ). After wave 50 finished I removed my headset to hear the swooshing sound ( like a jet engine ). It does not sound broken and is a swoosh of air been pushed out of the sides of the console every 30 seconds. I am guessing that if the console hits a certain temp it will do this to keep it cool, however I am worried that this may not be healthy for it for such a long period. The next day I started gears again and the swooshing started after about 20 mins. I went back to the gears main menu and left it for 5 mins but the swoosh continued. It stopped instantly when I removed the disc ( which was cold ) and returned home. As soon as I booted it back up the swoosh started again. I will test with some different games and a different location for the console this weekend to see if it helps.
  8. I was just wondering what everyone else's Xbox One X sounded like when playing? I noticed that when playing gears 4 ( disc copy ) my One X Scorpio fans were on full. The Xbox wasn't too hot and is well ventilated, however it is making a swooshing sound every 20-30 seconds and blowing a lot of hot air out of the sides. When I swapped to Netflix this instantly stopped and went silent and when I booted gears back up it started again almost straight away.
  9. Anyone else had issues with the first collectible? I have started 2 new games but it is no where to be found. There is a black mark on the table where it should be, but no collectible is there and no X symbol to pick up.
  10. I hoped this would have been fixed by now but looks like EA have not bothered. played through all cop side to level 60 over a week period. All worked fine with no problems. swapped to racer side and been rest 4 times in 7days. I know its nothing in doing wrong as I shut down exactly the same each time and didn't have any issues with the cop side
  11. Any help here would be greatly appreciated. I completed the slumdog billionaire game but the achievement did not pop. I then did it again a few days later, still did not pop. I checked the achievement on x1 and it is down as locked but the progress bar is at 100%. I had the same issue with the -1 achievement but that stayed at 0% on the completion and when i completed it again it unlocked but this is not working on the slumdog one, guessing because it is at 100% I have also tried deleting local save and then syncing with the cloud
  12. Forza 2 1missing for online GH Aerosmith 1missing for high score GH 5 1missing for multiplayer Oblivion 1 missing due to glitches save data
  13. Just downloaded it. Has anyone else read the terms an conditions you are given when you download it?
  14. Apparently they can all be found on capture the flag but after hours of playing I'm yet to see one appear as it feels like I'm the only one with this map pack
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