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  1. Hey IzzySM. I think its south of Dry Reservoir and north of Kiewa Valley. Using the third picture down... Head north from the road next to where it says Kiewa Valley, stay on same road and there will be a little road that's only half done to the left side of the road, there's a gap between them on the map. It's after the left turn and before the second. Hope this helps...
  2. Been on Horizon 3 a lot today, saw in the menu that they have started, got less than 2 days left for the current ones. Really easy ones. So they pop up in the game each week from now. Good luck people...
  3. I'm quite sure this "never before seen vehicle that we won't believe" will be the warthog for people who havnt played halo games. I hope om.wromg though. Yes I have seen the challenges ok the achievements list but none have start dates, just end ones, and some end in less than a week and can't be started yet.
  4. So there's a few challenges that are supposed to be changing out each week or so. I'm wondering if anybody knows of a calendar of them, or even the start and end dates of each one. I can't fond anything a out them online. Any links would also be welcome...
  5. It probably was a short road between two main roads. I had it where the roads were white on the map for sure, but as I was randomly driving around the same city it randomly popped. Like yes the road was white, but you hadn't driven on it. Glad you got it anyways...
  6. Just take some random screenshots of your maps and I will look and see if i can spot it....
  7. I can guarantee that the road I went across was a very short one. One of those that could be covered by driving past the short road at a junction. But when I went across one it popped, it would have been white on the map, not grey. Like i said just keep an eye out for those kinds. The map may show explored but won't have been physically driven on.
  8. Typical my after you post about it you get it. Though I did get it just randomly driving around the Surfers Paradise, which was all whited out, so maybe it applies above. I dunno, just be sure...
  9. So I have spent the better part of the day getting the last hundred or so roads to finally hit 487/488 roads. And spent the rest searching over the map for any, even the littlest of grey slithers in the roads. And I cannot see it for the life of me. I'm at 99% for I Know These Roads. So when your doing it,make sure you physically drive over the surface of the roads, as it sometimes jumps ahead of you on the map a bit, so I think that's when I turned around after the map changed, hut didn't actually drive to the end. Or its just bugged out on me. Still, be warned, I'm boned, don't be me...
  10. I highly doubt that they said its for 360 and won't work on One. Anytime I have called/emailed them with a potentially faulty code, they just send me a new one for the same item, they said they will delete the current code, and if it has been redeemed by anybody else, it will stop working for them. The game is on the backwards compatibility list, so i know they didn't say that...
  11. I also got it during The Warren. Only I got it from the mesh net bots that block your path, they just keep regenerating the net rapidly, got to 47 easily and you cant miss is. Even if you destroy the whole net, more will spawn instantly. EDIT: I'm tired, after reading that comment again, I got it the same place you did. Derp....
  12. I'm gonna start to get some videos together, full clips of me running through each dungeon after I find all the switches, keys and hopefully beat the timer for each. THE BROOD HIVE: 8- Switches. 1- Yellow Key. 9:00- Timer. CAVERN RUSH: 8- Switches. 1- Yellow Key. 3:00- Timer. Lemme know if these links work okay. I'm having to do it on my phone as my pc had recently dies. Rest its little processors...
  13. a guy messaged me on YT about this one too, don't have a lot of time to do more just yet, but have tomorrow off work, will try add it in then... hope I can get two more up then...
  14. Reserve just in case. Ya never know...
  15. I have started to gather info on the smelly bush locations and are making video location guides. Sadly I have already found a few of them but will return to the location they are found in the game. Even in a new game save the Bushes carried over, which annoyed me... Stage 1: Maim Street: Stage 2: Isle Of Plight: Stage 3: Saucer Full Of Secrets: Stage 4: Docking Hell: Total Found So Far: 22 out of 55. I will add videos each day until I find what I hope to be them all in each location, by event order in the game. I work a lot but have the next three days off from work so that's a plus... EDIT: three days off hahahaha, thought it was too good to be true, urgh... will make more when I find time, its just work needs to come first... NOTE: If I find, or be told of more, I will replace the videos above with the missing bush locations.
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