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  1. Heh, I was playing multiplayer trying to get my coop partner to do coop executions thinking it was for the challange, then wondering why the tracker was moving so slow. Thanks for clearing this up. And it definitely seems like a missed opportunity not having some kind of reward for doing the challenges. The DR3 ones are awesome. You would think they could easily have gold or items or something for Ryse.
  2. These are the same shields from the Ryse Free DLC thread.
  3. Was stuck at 35/50 and couldn't get it to move. Then found this video. Basically you just jump then do the combo and it counts every time. Weird, but it works.
  4. Ok so after having some trouble with this part, think I figured it out. You have to kill 8 archers, 2 on each building, starting from the right, then moving left, then back at the original building. I used a combo of aim and quick throw. If you're close enough to the building quick throw seems to be fine. Make sure you're looking at the guy you want to hit, then tap both triggers. It's the guys with the white arrow on their head, ignore everyone else.
  5. I found the type 88 in each of the hanger sections. Hope that helps. Also, not sure if the weapons dropped by the enemies are required for the achievement. I was still missing around 5 but got full arsenal.
  6. Yea i experienced the same thing. Got the achievements, but no buster.
  7. Looking for these achievements as well. GT: Arlong
  8. I too am wondering about this. Almost makes me want to put the disk in to see if there was a title update.
  9. Well I'm on the campaign level Stormfront, and have yet to unlock and achievement for the game. I've been signed in the whole time. No idea what's going on.
  10. If anyone wants to help me out, I put up a Class C 09 Ford Focus RS for 2k CR. GT: Arlong
  11. I've had a ton of trouble playing this game online. Hopefully a patch fixes some of these problems.
  12. Interested in boosting the 5 wins, send me an invite. GT: Arlong
  13. I've been sitting in lobby for about 15 mins now, is matchmaking busted in this? If someone wants to invite, can trade the achievement. Thanks. GT: Arlong Ok got it now, Thanks!
  14. Thanks for this guide, it helped a ton! Some of my items were out of order, but still got everything.
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