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  1. I had a profile sync issue last night but everything back to normal now, just think it was 343 error. Loving the game though, but legendary is a nightmare, a real challenge. Lone Wolf will only be happening in my dreams I think LOL.
  2. I didn't think it would take me long to get back into gears given the amount i played it on the 360, but it did. I spent 2 games pounding Y to change weapon and then remember it was the bloody D pad LOL. Also I thought I left the lobby to check a message from a friend, went back on and found I went down a whole level due to a quit game penalty. FFS...it's fun been a newbie again.
  3. I started off reading that out of interest and found myself getting really pissed that the same was happening to me. So I felt I should unlease a rant to get it off my chest. One Kick death, why are all the pilots Chuck Norris. I unloaded 2 clips into a guy without a death only for the son of a bitch to turn round and kill me with one round house. Camping boring bastards - Why ? If the gaming industry brought out a game that involved spawning in the same high spot and all you had to do was just sit there waiting and occasionally hoping an opponent would wander by, there would be uproar. It's probably sore grapes that I want more out of a game other than sitting on top of the high available perch but I do, these moronic toss pots are the ones who seems to get the most rewards in terms of levelling, points etc. FFS holding point ABC in the game actively promotes it. They could at least give the extraction points some variety and those escaping a fair chance. And not being able to select missing Campaign missions has just made the whole thing tedious, I've grown tired and weary of the cut scenes, although I still chuckle at the "you can find me in the bar" line....and relax.
  4. Was really please that after only 10 minutes of game play the camping brigade has already found their homes and were picking people off from above. This really doesn't get old and ruins the multiplayer for me. I also had more success from totally avoiding using the titan, games were way too short and the maps too congested. Pluses graphically amazing, the free running was quite fun when you figured out the controls, and helped greatly when hunting down the camping bores. Hopefully levelling will take longer in the official release as it was pretty easy to level without even trying. I am worried this will get stale very quickly, once the novelty wears off. Overall all though looks and feels like a good game and hopefully items missing from the beta will add to the enjoyment when the full game is released.
  5. When I get past level 3 I'll let you know, it has reset 5 times so far, despite the patches. I know the Baku level off by heart. Very frustrating. I also find it odd that I'm a bullet magnet while my squad mates firing shots off here there and everywhere and not hitting anything, it's like an episode of the A-Team.
  6. When anyone finds out can they email their findings to Mr David Moyes C/O Old Trafford, Manchester.
  7. Bernese Alps is the one I seem to have most success, although I enjoy Prgaue as well.
  8. Wow wish I'd known yesterday that drafting was the problem with my "dirty" laps. Nearly blew a fuse on The Indy speedway laps as I was screaming past the AI's and clocking some right times only for them to be dirty...LOL So in reality the only way to get true times is the rival challenges then. Maybe after playing the last 4 titles to death I should have realised this. Doh!
  9. After 2 months I honestly am missing my dear old beloved 360. Party problems are ruining it for me. All the reasons I hated Kinnect before have now being magnified, although the clip record is really good, when it chooses to work (funniest moment so far was sneezing while playing FIFA and it said clip recorded). It's also turned into Cheevo overload with so many pointless (literally) achievements, remember the time when you actually had to try to earn these. So far I sort of feel cheated with lack of new games and poor online experiences. It's also not helped by my BF4 premium woes (EA a pox on you and DICE), generally not loving it right now and seriously gave it some thought of getting my old 360 back just to rekindle the love. Queuing up on launch day seems now like such a total and utter waste of time.
  10. Adewale Unchained I wonder where they got the idea
  11. It's on disc DLC so you only download the unlock which is about 100kb after that it is in your game online or not
  12. I laugh at their stupidity and the fact they make flourishing the Banhammer so easy. These are the same idiots who whinge when they are banned that they can't understand why or how it happened. They are also likely to feature on the World's dumbest criminals very soon.
  13. Judging from the debate this has created I think it is safe to say that the Halo series is alive and well. Whichever game you play you will always have those that absolutely love it and those who detest it with a passion. Weapon balance always cause outrage, the shotguns in Gears and Defiance are prize examples but IMO it always boils down to the player feeling cheated that they aren't good enough and getting beaten by better players or they didn't think of sticking to a winning formula in the 1st place and can't understand why some people like using a rinse and repeat approach. I like to mix it up a bit but I also hate losing so I always steer back to the combination I get my most kills with. Above all else though you only improve with practise, I pick up a halo game after a couple of months playing other games and it takes me an hour to remember how to chuck grenades again.
  14. The first one was the best gaming soundtrack ever.
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