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  1. I romanced Liara in the first game and I was wondering if I romance her in LotSB does it unlock the Paramore Achievement?? Thanks in Advance
  2. Im still playing if anyone wants to help me get all 10 wins ill help you Just send us a friend request with a message saying League or something
  3. I know this games kind of old, but if anyone can trade me all 6 Dolls, I will trade them straight back after I get the achievement, This one and the completionist are the only two that I'm missing from the original 1000. GT - MigrantAleXx If anyone can help with either of these two I would appreciate it very much.
  4. Or if anyone can help me get the completionist instead that would be just as helpful
  5. MigrantAleXx


    My character is 100% good and I wanted to make him evil in order to unlock the expressions but I don't want to kill everyone is there a quick way to get 100% Evil??
  6. I'm just wondering if its possible to get the Max level in a single play through. At the moment I'm level 15, I've just finished Horizion and done some DLC. This is what I've done: Recruited: Zaeed, Mordin, Garrus, Miranda, Grunt, Jacob, Jack & Kasumi DLC Completed: Kasumi, Zaeed and Project Overlord Loyaltys Complete: Zaeed, Miranda & Kasumi Still need to: Recruit: Thain, Tali, Samara & Legion. DLC still need to do: Shadow Broker & Arrival Loyaltys: Mordin, Garrus, Grunt, Jacob, Jack, Tali, Samara, Thain & Legion. Rest Of The Story Mission. Is there enough left for me to do for Level 30? This is the Insanity character I wish to Import to ME3.
  7. I have the DLC for this game and my friend doesn't have the DLC and every time we go to play together we get put into seperate games even though we are in a group together. Are we unable to play together till he gets it or I delete it?
  8. When i go to dismiss my companions it won't let me send them back to my room in the lucky 38 anymore. This just started randomly and its really annoying because I don't want to go to all these seperat towns to get them each time. Is there anyway to fix this??
  9. Ive just finished the final quest in the story line and I'm wondering if dragons will still attack me because I still need to absorb 20 souls.
  10. :)So i can still obtain the achievement??
  11. So in the guide it only lists 15 quests but claims that there are 16. Does anyone know what the 16th quest is because i accidently missed the Razor
  12. Started a new game in ME2 a few hours ago, just got to the galexy map and Overload, and the two new team members are there, i assume Shadow Broker and Arival will unlock after horizion. I hope it works for ME1 to. But thanks for reply.
  13. i have all the mass effect 1 & 2 DLC, but i want to get max gamerscore for all 3 ME's in a offline profile (Idk why just something i want to do.) If i start a new game in a offline profile will it let me play all my DLC??
  14. Do u actully get to keep liara after the DLC is finished, if so how. Ive finished it on hardcore and want to know how to get her to join my crew if thats possible.
  15. Yes, I always have a female character in Fallout its much more amusing
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