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  1. Toybox turbos,goat simulator & monster jam battlegrounds 1000/1000 Borderlands 2 I'm "done".Just have 2 too go which I can get In a few minutes but I'm helping my friends finish the game first.
  2. You have too contact support with your case number and they give it too you.Took like 2 mins and was done. When I got my codes from them they said there was a error sending since way more people did this then they expected and they wanted too make sure everyone(most) got them by today so they'll just give you the codes in email/chat support if you didn't get them.
  3. Yep been out for over a hour and a half for me and my friends.
  4. Can anyone figure out how too do this?It's one of my last ones I need and I've done it but it never counted on the top right corner.
  5. What's the best class too find them as I've only found 1 so far and the achievement won't pop with him so need too try someone else. Also dose damage have to be on or can I just slam them with cosmetic on?
  6. The last 2 weeks have been a combo of these. Gta iv level 10 (kill me) Forza 5 for the stupid 8x affinity levels Forza Horizon 100 online playground games
  7. Since my post i've tried printing it out on a paper that didnt work.I've tired using 3 different friends phone models and none of them have worked.I'm pretty much out of ideas at this point as nothing will scan even though i've seen it clearly in the code box.
  8. I'm sure I'm not the only one but right now I don't have a cell phone so I have no way to get the QR code achievements so I'm wondering if anyone knows or has found away around it yet? Edit:I've tired my 3ds,dsi,camera and none of these have worked as I can't get the brightness down enough on any of them.I can't think of anything else I have that takes pictures.
  9. When the servers shut down for the first xbox i lost all dlc and anything i bough so since that day i've been 100% hard copys. Also i collect and have everything back to my nintendo so another reason.Just sell the games you don't see yourself playing again or never cared for and keep the ones you'll play/had good times with.
  10. Yep got one yesterday and just got another 5 mins ago.I really hope they stop these quick as this will get annoying fast.
  11. I noticed as i was going to buy the season pass that's on sale there was a super ultra pack beside it.Before i buy it,is that in the season pass or do i have the buy that also?Serched afew pages back with no info so thanks for any help
  12. I just discovered this game and being a digimon fan I want it but when I went to ebay to get one saw that it was pal. So the age old question has anyone in north America tried this on a ntsc system and dose it work? Thanks for any help.
  13. We'll that sucks,Did not get one. Oh we'll thanks though.
  14. Which email had the limbo code as I never saw that and it seems everyone got that?
  15. So just a general question i know no ones super far into the game yet with it just coming out but i never had the chance to finish 2 as my 360 died on me and i just finally got a new one this week with the pre sequel. So my question not having finished 2/dlc if i play the pre sequel before i finish 2 since i've read it's set in the time between 1/2 has anyone come across anything that would spoil the story for me in borderlands 2? I plan too play 2 but all my friends got this and i'd like to play with them but i can't stand spoilers so just though i'd ask if anyone knew,Thanks for any help.
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