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  1. Hi


    Can anyone confirm if the earning and spending 500k achievements carry over into your second play through?


    Also I assume Big earner (Receieve 10k in earn from one underboss) will come naturally when giving all districts to one boss?


    Thanks in advance!

  2. Nothing on the official forums indicates anything else is on the way.


    I can't find anything definitive to say anything isn't on its way either? Just wondering as I was going to trade the game but guess I'll hold onto it for a while.

  3. Go to "Manage Game" from the My Games and Apps ... delete ONLY the Hardline Premium file.


    HARD reset your Xbox One.


    Re-download the Premium file again from the same screen (it will be far to the right and say "ready to install").


    Once it's re-installed, start the game again.


    Go to Multiplayer and choose "Quick Match".


    Again, select "Bounty Hunter". Select the Criminal Activity line, not the Premium entry.


    It will prompt you asking if you want to install it.


    If it still doesn't work ... I have no idea what's wrong. MS and Visceral say it will be fixed sometime this week.


    Hi mate


    Thanks for trying to help but I am at a loss at how to fix it.


    I was about to attempt your above solution but it only gives me the option to uninstall the game and my saved data, BF Premium is not there?


    Could the fact that I redeemed a premium code and installed the season pass prior to buying and installing the actual game be an issue?


    The season pass I redeemed was a US code (I am from the UK), as I guess your aware I simply changed my region to the US, redeemed and installed the season pass and then changed my region back. Could this be an issue? I didn't think it would as I did the same thing for Sunset Overdrive and had no problems?


    Any help would be appreciated but I guess I am going to have to wait until MS/Visceral sort it out!

  4. Hi


    I am hoping some kind generous gamer could help me out with the Mac 10 and DB shotgun kills.


    I don't get on with the MP at all and to say I am terrible is putting it kindly.


    I am more than happy to help with anything you need, including other games that I have.


    My GT is Swyer87 if anyone would be so kind.


    P.S I am aware boosting has its own dedicated thread but I figured that anyone who have these guns will not look in that thread anymore.





  5. I will very soon have completed this game including all DLC on the 360.


    I have been told that all the MP achievements transfer to the one once you play it. I would just like to know if anyone can confirm this is indeed the case, and if so do all the DLC achievements also transfer?


    Any advice would be appreciated

  6. Sorry for the double post, but if I have done good times on all missions except Gravemind (done that mission twice and the time never registered) would I get the achievement if my friend signed into my account on his Xbox and did it for me? Or do they all have to be on the same console? I just wasn't sure how the leaderboards saved them; by server or by console.


    Just to clarify the gravemind level, once you enter the final room with the white elites/brutes and 2 hunters (be sure to kill the brutes last) you will get one final checkpoint once all these are killed and then several white cloaked elites come through the final door. You must kill all of these (or survive and get past them) without save/quitting. This is the last checkpoint and if you haven't save/quitted your time will register.

  7. First off I apologise as I know this will be the wrong place to post this but I looked at the FAQ's and can't seem to find an answer or s relevant place to ask the question. I am only posting it here as I want to boost final stand cheevos on 360.


    Obviously there is a BF4 game for both consoles and as such when you search the for the game 2 options come up, just want to know how you can tell which one to click on for the console you want?


    If anyone could advise that would be great and then a mod can delete this thread and I will post in the appropriate thread to help find me some boosting partners.


    Thanks in advance!

  8. So if you don't save and quit on the last checkpoint it'll be fine?


    Not sure if this is exactly true?


    I've just ran Sacred Icon and once i got to the last battle where you fight waves of flood i never save/quit once as i never died (i had save/quit earlier in the mission), i must have got 3 or 4 checkpoints during the last battle.


    Waypoint has registered my time as 1 hour 40 mins, where it was around the 12 minute mark. Also didnt get the achievement for par time.


    A couple of my mates have had the same problem with this level. It would seem that save/quitting prior to the last checkpoint works on every level but this one.

  9. Is anyone else having difficulty on Delta Halo? I've followed the vidoe exactly, even went a little bit further than Eli down the ramp before you back track on yourself and then go up the cliffs and across to sniper valley. I continue to hang off the cliff as he does to trigger the loading zone in sniper valley.


    I get to the end and there no enemies have spawned so cant finish the mission.


    The only thing i didn't do is right at the start where he rockets a sniper (as i couldnt for the life of me see him or get the reticle to turn red) but i thought this only triggers a checkpoint 30 seconds along as he mentions in the video?


    Any help would be appreciated!

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