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  1. I'm having a bit of trouble with this! Could anyone spare 10 minutes to help me please
  2. We did numerous takedowns on every position we could think of, i have read that people have unlocked this achievement with head on collisions! I really hope this gets patched!
  3. Hehe One of the first questions i asked after it didnt after 5 takedowns (wasnt paying attention myself every time he took me down), but yes i can guarantee he had the plate equipped.
  4. I haven't got the license plate yet but i was helping a friend try to get this achievement but to no avail. We tried every takedown we could think of - Slams into wall, shunts from behind, head on collisions. We tried using different cars, from all DLC's and the standard game (including myself - the takedownee) We ensured he didn't wreck himself during the run of 5 takedowns, yet still couldnt get the achievement to pop? He had took me down over 150 times by the time we give up. I have read this achievement is glitchy but i was hoping everyone could post how they were able to gain the achievement so i could try all of your methods Cheers
  5. Managed to do it, could have sworn he went limp after one of those russian dolls but put a few scavenger bullets into him to be on the safe side
  6. So taking the quickest time of 5 minutes which would net you 13 miles. That is 75mins of grinding per each car Guessing nobody has tried to rubberband their controller?
  7. Could anybody please let me know how they killed the human sacrifice when they rise up the green light. I have been at this step twice now and i'm getting sick of this EE! Is there a certain weapon you require? First attempt we fired countless bullets of a Galil & HK21 Second attempt was countless bullets of a HK21, stuck him twice with the crossbow and also threw a frag grenade as soon as he came into the lighthouse! This is doing my head in and its the last achievement i need Thanks for any help you can give!
  8. Planning on doing the Call of Dead EE tonight at midnight GMT time (in 3 hours 20mins) Hit em up if interested. GT: Swyer87
  9. Any idea what each is worth? Do you reckon there could be 2 achievements related to the EE? Got a feeling 'GG Bridge' will be in a tight space so might be a bit tricky?
  10. I think you must be going wrong somewhere, if you do it right the first 2 beams which are consistent can be tricky jumps. There is a video on youtube, i think he is called cooperfication or something like that.
  11. Have never rubber banded my controller and left it to go round in circles so dont know how well it will work? Anyone already tried this and can offer a good place and any advice?
  12. Thanks for the advice amacteur - appreciated!
  13. Hi I'm hoping to get some advice on this achievement. Fish In A Barrel - Downed 40 enemies that are stunned by the LRAD. I'm on the last mission and i have never noticed (haven't paid too much attention tbh) anything to be fired from a ship and distract the enemy to allow me to kill them? Is there a certain ship that you need to put into a support position? Any advice appreciated. Cheers Ash
  14. Still need the Call of Dead EE if anyone is interested in going for it? Am willing to help with any others in turn. Message me GT: Swyer87
  15. Starting the COD EE in about 2 hours, could do with one more person as there is only two of us. If anyone is interested, hit me up GT: Swyer87
  16. Managed to do it on my third attempt last night. Although i do think you need to be in a certain position for Ernst to throw his chain at you instead of hitting you. The first two goes he hit me from behind as i was running away which killed me instantly. The third go i was running away and my Azoth recharged, i turned around and was instantly prompted to side step to avoid his chain attack. From there on in it was pretty easy
  17. The Pumpkin King - It would seem that you have not understood people's frustration with the DLC. As fat turkey has stated its the fact that the majority of these achievements rely heavily on luck, not skill. In fact when you do get the luck these achievements aren't massively difficult. For instance for the daredevil achievement when i actually got the luck with the spawns of the beams of light i got the achievement with over 50 seconds left on the clock, however i must of had at least 100 attempts at this! I'm all for difficult achievements and would have much preferred for the achievement to be very difficult with no luck required. So perhaps it could have been reaching 100k score but the beams of light were consistent, this would have been difficult but at least i knew it was down to my skill and abilities which would be much easier to live with!
  18. Thanks for the advice Hamket but i have watched the video and done what you have said. The problem is that when i first go in, hit him with the Azoth, get as many digs as i can until he gets up but then i am right in front of him. He hits me (doesnt throw his chain out) and gives no option to dodge? I have tried getting a few less digs on him to give me a chance to run away from him but he always seems to catch up, so when i turn around he is in my face and again hits me (gives no option to dodge)? Guess i am going to have to practice running away from him more efficiently to give me some more time to turn around and unleash the Azoth on him. Anyone got any any advice on the best weapon to use on him, i was thinking the morning star (in the box with the puppets) or the katana (in the box in the cells)?
  19. Anyone got any tips on how to beat him? One strike from him even when you are blocking and you are dead. I have tried running away from him until my azoth has recharged but he seems to catch up to me and kill me from behind? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  20. Firstly i just want to say that the game developers want shot for these achievements! I have no problem with difficult achievements but when you can do something perfect and still 9 times out of ten fail due to luck, then the developers need to take a look at themselves! I thoroughly enjoyed the game doing both the stealth and the all guns blazing play-throughs but this dlc has tainted the memory of a great game! I must have put double the amount of hours into the dlc then the game itself! Hopefully the next lot of story related dlc will bring back the enjoyment of what was such a good game?! I was just wondering what peoples opinions on the top 3 most annoying achievements? Now that i have finally got all of them i would say they were: 1. By my hand alone 2. Headhunter 3. Daredevil I must say i have great respect for all who has completed this DLC!
  21. Hi ghamlin I'm up for call of dead EE, tried searching for you but you must have a different GT? Let me know if you and anyone else is interested?
  22. Hi all I'm looking to do the Call of Dead Easter Egg on Friday around 6-7pm (UK time) if anybody is interested. Also after Ground Control on Moon. Will help with any other achievements people are after. Will be onto the early hours of the morning. Add me if people are interested. GT: Swyer87
  23. Well played Bonfire expert for about an hour last night and quite often got to 25/26/27k so it gives me hope that some time soon i will get lucky and get to 30k. Was a bit sickening on one attempt, i was at 22k with 46 seconds left but got trapped by 3 assassins and died Not looking forward to by my hand alone already! I'm hoping your whale tank method should cut down the number of attempts at it though!
  24. Thanks for the advice buddy! Guess im just going to have to stick with it, i will do it if it kills me Just had a quick look at your 'by my hand alone' advice, looks very helpful but wont know until i try it out! Thanks again!
  25. This is driving me insane, finally managed to get the daredevil achievement but cant for the life of me get even close to 30k on this. The assassins just always ruin your run, i was even on 12k with 46 seconds on the clock and only managed to get to 17k before time run out, which coincidentally is my best score! Anyone got any tips? This as well as the back alley brawl challenge (including by my hand alone cheevo) are the only things left i have to do for the DLC and i'm refusing to fail since i have came this far I've heard there is a glitch which takes out the assassins which i hate doing but may be tempted on this occasion.
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