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  1. for those that still want this, join my game as ill be sitting idle in my game while i pop out for a bit. my gamertag is : SHIN GRIMM
  2. probably should have mentioned its a U.S. only promotion.
  3. pretty sure its the mini gun but im not 100%.
  4. yep. its happend to me twice lost about 5/6 hours of game time ue to this and my rank reverts back and unlocks on weapons relock. i get theres going to be bugs in the game but this kinda bug is annoying. been trying to find a work around to no avail atm.
  5. looking for blue lmg mods with quarter master/ cannoneer synergies
  6. ^^ this ^^ your not alone, really wanna get these pursuits done but if nothing else at least the achievement out the way.
  7. if only, the pvp would be far better this way.
  8. same here was hoping the orange drop ratio would be temp higher.
  9. looking to buy or trade an orange lmg (saw).
  10. no worries always happy to help a fellow D2D clan member.
  11. ive already done this afew times and helped giltec get it the other day. ill help if you can get 2 others. GT : SHIN GRIMM
  12. im not colour blind, nor does my tv need altering as the other raritys appear blue and purple so its yellow not green matey.
  13. THIS : pretty much in the same boat. is the capture and hold on the shadow wars ?
  14. no worries chap. shame these thing arent explained in a manual........
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