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  1. Ignore the fact that its labeled Stage 19, its Stage 18. Barricade the same as he does. Instead of the Level 3 Hellraiser, you want a Level 3 Napalm flamethrower. Upgrade the level 1 laser to level 2 next, then skip that 3rd tower he makes and make a level 3 Homing Mortar up top. I'd probably make a level 1 laser and a level 1 mortar after (usually fitting in a lvl 1 anti-air by wave 12) to form the maze before upgrading the 2nd mortar to Level 3. I usually make towers for the first Mortar, and the first Laser but barricade the remaining shape and build on them when I can. After I make the first 2 mortars and the laser, then I make a lv 2 Laser next to the stairs before finishing building the top. 5:15 in the video is the shape of how you'll want to form "up top". Although I would prioritize setting up 2 Level 3 homing mortars before making the tower next to the stairs. It rains down onto the maze below, its super convenient. I usually do WUUUUUUU WoooUUoo BooooUoo WUoooUoU WUUUUUUU W U U U U U U U W L S o U U F o B o o o L U o o W U L M M U o U W U U U U U U U o = open spot U = unbuildable W = wall B= Super Strong Barricade. Essentially your "CORE" for this level. M = Homing Lv 3, 4 once the maze up top is set up. L = Laser Lv 2 F = Flamethrower Lv 3, 4 once setup S = Magnum- Speed Lv 3/4 after maze is formed .. there is a electrical storm so Magnum will be useless for 60% of the level but its still good. By wave 12, you need a level 1 Anti-air. Where he placed it is good. By wave 32, you need a level 3 Anti-air. I think a lv2 and a lv1 also works. By wave 61, you'll need a level 4 Anti-air. By the end, you'll want at least 2 level 4 Anti-air, no point in skimping you have plenty of resources by then. I made 3 Level 4s because I could. As for the remaining towers? spam Level 3 -> Level 4 homing mortars everywhere you can that doesn't block the maze.
  2. heh I tried. you got it before I could post yeah, theres no real point to using ether if the achievement is for 100% core and 100% ether. Its only really good in a pinch but then the strategy wouldn't work in a perfect run in the first place then. Id still use it on a first runthrough of a level for the sake of finishing the level though.
  3. yeah this level is horrendous. My recommendation is just beat it to move on and then come back when u can have more points + better upgraded towers. http://steamcommunity.com//sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=189546507 is what your build should look like mazed.. (imo) but do NOT build THOSE towers like in the photo. (if you care about 100% HP/100% ether) 1. instead of the xox ooo xox design in the top right, you'll want to do a ooo oxo xoo you'd probably get more dmg output out of those 2 flamethrowers then 4 flamethrowers that enemies run past in about half of a second. You'll place the barricades after the first transformation at around wave 13. You shouldn't place the flamethrowers there until after the level transforms a 2nd time at around wave 26. 2. what the pic doesn't show you is the left ramp and the bottom ramp. You should be normal barricading those off after the terrain transformation at wave 13. 3. The Towers I recommend are: level 2 laser, level 2 flamethrower (3 or 4 napalm version if you've gotten that far), level 2-4 magnum (speed boost) if you've gotten that far and level 3 homing mortar (level 4 as a level closer, not a priority to be made) 4. If you look at the picture, it kind of looks like and m shape of towers without the bottom leg of the m. You're starting move should be xoobMboo ooooooox oooooooo xxUxUxUx xxoooooo xoooxxxx x = can't build on. U= non-buildable spot. b = barricade, M = Machine Gun. UoobMboo ooooooLx ooooooFo UxUxUxUx Uxoooooo UoooUUUU F= Flamethrower Level 2 L= Laser Level 2 Basically forming a little wall that forces the enemies downward to start the level. U o o F M H H H H o L o o o L x H o L o S o F o U x U x U x U x U x L o L o o o U o o o U UU U F= Flamethrower Level 2/3/4 L= Laser Level 2 H = Homing Mortar S = Magnum.. Speed upgrade preferred M = starting Machine gun Start with the Laser, Flamethrower, then make Level 2 lasers surrounding the maze asap in the L spots. My suggestion would be the bottom L first to move them upward, then the 2 top left ones so they have to move downward. After that make a normal barricade on top of the S spot before making the last L. Then make the flamethrower level 2 at the top of the buildable maze. Once all that is done, make the 2 left homing mortars, find time to make a magnum in the middle of the maze. then upgrade it when convenient, then make the other mortars. Once all that is done, top off your towers power level if you can, then make the side flamethrowers described much earlier in the post. The one risky spot I found with this setup was the start of the 13th wave after the terrain transformation, those little enemies have a habit of slipping 1 enemy to the core on Hardcore. (lack of cash + more hp). If you can pay attention, you can build a normal barricade on the 3rd spot of the top row so that officially it can't touch the core (delay it as long as possible to safeguard your maze) so it'll go to AI pattern 2 which will force it to attack the barricade. Your turrets will catch it in time then. Make sure to take it down as soon as that's done if you don't want your maze destroyed. good luck, this level suck early in the game
  4. that level wasn't so bad once you knew how to start it. Barricade the intro like he does in the beginning. Instead of the hellraiser like in the video, you'll want to build to the left and the right of that first ramp so they have to go the long way around the blue grating. (after setup phase) I mazed it so the enemies had to go around the red grating the long way and go down the ramp. (barricade the ramp leading upward). that gives you enough looping around for towers to hit multiple times. as for towers used, my cheap and trusty level 2 lasers got me through most of it with lv 4 magnum-speed boosters in non-overlapping locations to speed up my towers/slow the enemies down. I placed as many lvl 3/4 homing mortars (these seriously wreck things) on the ground floor to shoot up into the maze or nearby but away from the killzone to shoot in. Towards the end of my tenure on DT, I started to respect level 2/3 flamethrower/napalm (the non-hellraiser type) as a level opener. Its not good for any tough enemy but it helps get rid of the small enemies a bit faster and damage shields so your good towers aren't wasting as much time on them. If I had to try the level again, I'd try a level 3 flamethrower next to both the blue and red grating for best effect. --theory opening-- If I had to try the level again, I'd try either: a level 3 flamethrower to the right of the ramp and a barricade to the left. or a level 2 flamethrower to the right of the ramp and a level 2 laser to the left. --actual opening-- I used a level 2 laser and 2 level 1 lasers with the same strategy above to form my maze. (followed by upgrading those 2 level 1s asap.)
  5. just finished Munchkin a few mins ago. Its 100% core HP and 100% ether on Hardcore. Good luck to everyone else.
  6. 1. the videos strategies are "helpful" to get an idea of the game but it won't help you in the long run. Maybe I'm just unlucky or the Hellraiser (upgraded flamethrower) lv 3/lv 4 just doesn't do the damage or the range that the Steam version has. 1a. In conjuction to the above, the difficulty is not 4 with video/6 without video. Basically until a 360 video guide comes out, good luck getting all towers unlocked/ use all towers/ munchkin achievement. Some of these levels are ridiculously specific on where and when to place towers. Any mistime and you'll take a hit/hits on Hardcore. (Hardcore = less money on enemy kills and I'm pretty sure enemies are a bit stronger as well). 2. Munchkin achievement: I've already got all 22 levels 100% core hp on Hardcore but haven't unlocked the achievement. Im hoping I only missed a level but I'm currently re-working through most levels with 100% core hp and 100% no ether use. 3. Maze Master: This can be done on stage 10 at the earliest. I don't have a guide but basically you want to loop the top left path to loop through from ramp to ramp all the way until they reach your base on the right. 4. Spy: unlocks on Stage 22 after seeing the boss on the very last wave (145). (you don't need to look at Enemy Information).
  7. Or you could just stick with number 1, P2 fold off 30k, rebuy 30k, then fold off 980k. P1 then quits and gets the achievement. (the achievement doesn't pop until you leave the table)
  8. you shouldn't doubt keungz, he knows what hes talking about. only thing he should mention is that all of that is happening during pre-flop. the moment the flop hits the table... RAKE ...
  9. XP required for Level 50: 1,000,000 Level 99: 2,770,000 Level 100: 2,820,000 Level 101: 2,845,000 ---- Level 135: 4,045,000 Level 136: 4,085,000 Level 164: 5,255,000 Level 165: 5,305,000 ---- Level 205: 7,395,000 Level 206: 7,437,500 Level 251: 9,800,000 Level 252: 9,860,000 In the later 100s, it was 55k XP per level but seems to have dropped a tiny bit for the beginning of 200s. Im wondering what level 300 will be at; Im guessing around 15 million or more. It seems that if you disconnect from the game and can't make it back into the game, you will keep the XP that you earned but it won't post to the XP Leaderboard. Not that it really matters, just an FYI. There is also a "glitch" that can prematurely pop the 2 level achievements depending on when the glitch occurs. This won't unlock the associated avatar items tied to the achievement, so you'll still have to reach those levels manually if you want them. It WILL unlock the Nicknames up to whatever level it is glitched up to. (but you don't get to keep the glitched xp) ---- Edit: I'd rather not see the glitch exploited much more than it already has been so I won't say how its done and that the bug is already on their to-fix list on the xbox.com forums. (hint 1) ---- Plenty of people probably already know it ... and a tip (hint 2)for anyone else that wants to know: Its really easy to do and you'll probably do it by accident at some point. (hint 3)
  10. I don't care enough to try hard for this challenge, I think my time has passed for Revelations but... Enemy type can influence the damage total as well. I.E. you do 1.35x damage with a Rifle on a Pincer.
  11. My rewards were: PC356 Lv.48 P-90 "Steady Hand" Lv.47 Windham Lv. 48 Python "Speed Load" Lv.47 M92F Lv.48 - Yellow case "Chimaera" Lv.48 - Yellow case G36 "Sonic Assist" Lv. 48 - Pink case Aura of Strength 3 Damage 5 Easy Hit 3 Reloader 10 - Yellow case Hunting Gear 1 - Yellow case Aura of Strength 3 - Pink case Damage 5 - Pink case .... I expected junk after reading other people's results for the parts.. but I wasn't expecting my common and rare parts to be the exact same. I guess it wasn't a "total" waste of time, just 98% waste.. M92F was a Lv 48 white, 3 slot PC356 was a Lv 48 yellow, 6 slot Chimaera was a Lv 48 Blue, 5 slot (named PC356) Python "Speed Load" was a Lv 47 Blue, 5 slot P-90 "Steady Hand" was a Lv 47 Blue, 6 slot G-36 "Sonic Assist" was a Lv 48 Yellow, 3 slot (Lol) Windham was a Lv 48 White, 2 slot Would have been much happier if that Python was a Steady hand instead of a Speed Load. The Chimaera is cool but not something I would ever use.
  12. the pink name aka the "Purple name" is kinda really weird looking at first but satisfying somehow. I thought I would like the Red name but its too dark red.
  13. all their event attention is for Resident Evil 6. Their RE:R ones are pretty bad. I say that but I placed 8th on the Killcount challenge... and that's only really trying for like 4 of the 19? days. I started too late to have a chance for 1st. I'll probably be either singing a different tune or cursing them greatly when the prizes come out on the 30st over here. Their idea of a "rare weapon case" is a level 47 white Python. ... Im intrigued that the Ultra Rare custom parts could be the blue looking ones in the part list on RE.net but at the same time... all 8 Bottomless Pouches are considered as a blue type custom part.
  14. --collected all parts, no title unlocked on RE.net despite it saying I was close to a title unlock for parts collected. Very funny-- --done--
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